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  1. G

    Help! Balls, sac in buds

    Hi guys I am growing a plant outdoors in a bag. It started flowering a couple of weeks ago. However, in the past few days I started noticing that the buds (which are already flowering) are developing some ball like things. It is rather big (unlike sacs) and I was wondering if someone here could...
  2. M

    What are these?

    Can anyone tell me what these things are please? None of my other plants have these on their stems? Also... they look like balls but I've not seen the weird little "wings" on the stem.
  3. B

    Not sure about these - Balls?

    Hi good people, Im a first time grower. On the third week of flowering. Everything seems to be fine https://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/500/medium/20161123_070751.jpg My red dragons and liberty haze feminized seem to be doing great. Until today, one of the plants are showing something...
  4. O

    Do I have balls?

    Do I have Balls on 1 of my plants? I see white hairs coming out but it looks abnormal! Also, this plant just keeps stretching compared to my other that's started stacking nice colas. Blueberry autos under 400 watt mars 2. OG79
  5. santb

    Balls! Root Balls That Is

    Hi gang! Talking on a thread started by Far East Buds the other day, and long story short, I decided to start a MJ Root Ball thread! I wanna see some bitchin balls, folks! Hydro, coco, whatever method you use, c'mon: show us your balls! I'm waiting for a harvest, as it happens, in a month or...
  6. daverabbit

    Hermied So Hard It Flowers In Veg?

    Sup all, I need an expert opinion on my first ever and only plant. It's a White Voodoo (white widow+maui waui,) from Crop King Seeds, NOT feminized. It's been growing slowly but surely, 18/6 cycle, 6500k, nothing but green growth from day one. Just after it grew it's fourth node, I decided...
  7. J

    Do these balls make this a Hermie?

    I have 4 auto fems going and 3 are about ready to chop. after taking a couple of test buds, I found that the 3 that are ready to chop have fully developed and mature seeds. This plant has 2-4 of these balls at each branch. Is this a Hermie? Thanks for any help.
  8. A

    Is it molded?

    Hi guys. I am writing because i have checked a bud with a camera because it looked like strange to me, a bit. Also i do not know if these white balls on strings are mold or not. Could you tell me if it is or not?
  9. S

    New Grower With Weird Looking Plant

    Can someone take a look at this picture of my plant and let me know whats going on with all theses balls? It's on about 15 days old and looks nothing like the rest of my plants. It came as a free seed from Amsterdamseedco Thanks in advance!
  10. L

    What is the 100% potential?

    What is the absolute potential one could yeild from a 20X20ft room? Using the best..genetics..lights..type of growing medium, various techniques and everything you could think of. What I want to know is how much finished green a 20X20 ft. room could potentially produce. Thanks in advance.
  11. C

    What's the deal?

    :peace:Hey this is my second attempt at growing my own! I just don't really know what is going on with my plant??? At first I thought it was a male because of the little balls however now I am seeing hairs...Can anyone explain to me what I have here??:peace:
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