New Grower With Weird Looking Plant


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Can someone take a look at this picture of my plant and let me know whats going on with all theses balls? It's on about 15 days old and looks nothing like the rest of my plants. It came as a free seed from Amsterdamseedco
Thanks in advance!
Thanks for the quick input guys, and thats what had me worried is the fact they look like pollen sacs. From what i've read it seems kind of quick to show signs of sex(week 2), and the sheer mass of them seems irregular. I was also thinking it might be an auto marzbadrock, but haven't seen any pictures that look similar. There is a slight chance I got mixed up on the two seeds when I germed, so its either a freebie or borderliner xtrm which of course is feminazed but not the auto var.
I've been running a 400 watt MH light probably 20 inches or so from the plant tops at 75% power for 18hrs a day then 6 hrs of night.
Heres the other plant under the same cycle. I'm using Gen Hydroponics flora series ferts. at the proper ratios for transition from seeding to veg.
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