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Hey everyone! Figured it's about time to get a journal going. Any and all are welcome to tag along, comment, make suggestions, ask questions....just dont be a ass about it.
A bit about myself. I been growing since 2006, breeding plants since 2010 and have become a (small) commercial grower in 2017. I'm always experimenting in my personal grow whether its lights, nutes or medium I try something new every grow.
I'll be posting pics when lights come on.
Yeah, we had a severe wind storm 2 weeks ago, lost power for over 2 days. Temps got down below 50, no light, couldnt even water. Had to set an alarm every 30 minutes to spray water on my was rough!
Damn that is pretty rough :( feelsbadman. Is there any way to minimize seeds in your buds or it just is what it is end of the day?
I'm gonna have to get some invites out to this journal, I tried a few journals n just seem to fall on their face. I'm more of a bounce around into others journal n say hey n get on with my day.
Ordered some seeds! Was gonna order some ethos genetics but after reading up I found some of their stuff tends to herm. Went with Dynasty genetics, they always come out as advertised n have a solid reputation.

Lemon berry mega- every grow I read about say it's the most pungent strain they have encountered and very potent.

Huckleberry diesel- great terp profile, huge producer n fast flowering. Makes excellent rosin to!

Freebies- cherry vanilla skunk and sister cheese
I’ll tag along. I’ve been wishing you start a journal since I joined here. I think you won the bud of the month contest my first month here with that beautiful dark bud. Can’t remember the name of it but it was impressive for sure. Glad to be here to see the show!
Thanks magoo! Yeah it was a hybrid I collaborated with my mentor on. His male, my female. I actually just put some of those genetics in germination before. Lose track of time.
Montana Blackout

The bad thing with this particular strain was it was so sedative that nobody liked it. Bag appeal was second to none but 1 hit of it would put you to sleep n then wake up with the worst weed hangover.
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