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    The zkittles patiently waiting to be transplanted into town gal pots.
  2. A

    Pot makes me feel kinda crazy

    I used to smoke loads in my youth, and I was fine. Now it makes me feel kinda crazy. Fucking hell... I've used drugs and/or alcohol all my life, and it's hard to let them go. Pretty much my whole existence has been one non-stop epic fail. Crazy mother, absent father, sister in care...
  3. T

    Drug test tomorrow

    i havent smoked for 15 days and was told today by a new employer that i have a drug test tomorrow to go work at the site c dam. seeing as i havent smoked for 15 ddays and my last job i was sweting like crazy in the sun, today i also hit the sauna for 2 hrs to sweat any toxins out also the...
  4. W

    Fox Farm pH - Please help - Driving me crazy

    Ok this is my first grow im using fox farm ocean forrest and im growing autos.. Ok the first weeks went great as it should if ffof then i started to get efficiencies so i was told to start feeding them after about 23 days.. And when i fed them i it got worste so i been tryna everything using...
  5. Richard Richardson

    Juicer Guy Gets High On Juiced Cannabis?

    Crazy Juicer Guy John Collier FTW :cheertwo: Happy 4/20 and :thankyou: Crazy Juicer Guy :circle-of-love: [video]
  6. L

    Need help cooling

    Hey guys ,I am in need of some help. I have a 12ftx18ft room that is complete sealed. I am running 4 1000 watt hps lights. all being cooled by two vortex 6 inch fans. they keep my hoods so cool that i can touch them even after they have been on all day. I am currently running co2 into my room...
  7. S

    New Grower With Weird Looking Plant

    Can someone take a look at this picture of my plant and let me know whats going on with all theses balls? It's on about 15 days old and looks nothing like the rest of my plants. It came as a free seed from Amsterdamseedco Thanks in advance!
  8. RedBeard4u

    County Spends 70K and countnig to get 1 gram off the streets

    On October 16th 2009 an LASD under-cover officer walked up to me on the streets and asked me if I knew where he could score a 20 dollar bag of weed. I informed him that I as well as my wife were both patients but that we were out at that time. So I told hm that if he was unsuccessfull at getting...
  9. D

    Crazy glue safe in reservoir?

    Hi everyone, lemme just say hi since I'm new here :P Anyways, I have 2 53L reservoirs, which I plan on growing 4 plants in, 2 in each container in a DWC setup. My problem is kinda simple really. I wanna put a 14" airstone in the bottom of each reservoir. I've tried to keep them held down with...
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