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  1. Mocha420

    Yellow leaves

    So, I have a Dark Devil Auto from Sweetseeds at day 84 about 30% amber trichs and im about to Harvest.. My question, because a follower on Instagram said something about it is.. Does a plants leaves need to be yellow before harvest or are them being green okay and does them being yellow make...
  2. Bubble Gum Clone

    Bubble Gum Clone

    Top from Bubble Gum Female rooted in rockwool, potted into 2 parts All Mix, 1 part worm castings.
  3. Female Bubble Gum

    Female Bubble Gum

    Topped female bubble gum plant, rooted in rockwool, potted into 2 parts All mix, 1 part worm castings.
  4. Hps 150w grow

    Hps 150w grow

    First grow ever :)
  5. Canna.jpg


    My first grow
  6. DarionOzb

    This is a male plant, isn't it?

    Hi Guys new grower...plants started flowering recently.... Trying to see if this ones a male.... Imma be so heart broken if it is... :( :( :(
  7. Brnwn4

    What’s wrong with my plants?

    Transplanted from solo to 2g smart pots last Saturday. It’s now Wednesday. They are perked up but I think I have mold? I snapped off some leafs that had yellow spots. But I have this weird kinda white glow? It’s not crazy white put a little? There in roots organic original soil. Ph is 6.4 ish...
  8. Florushingflowers

    Sick plant!

    I'm worried about this gal, she looks as if she's not recovering at all. My personal thoughts were that she had slight nutrient toxicity and under watered. I've now corrected this and a week later seems to be no recovery or uplifting. Expert diagnosis on what this looks to you will be much...
  9. C

    Do I have a Cal/Mag deficiency?

    Hey there. I have a plant that is showing some sort of deficiency or multiple problems and I am thinking it might mainly be a calcium magnesium deficiency. Most of my plants have symptoms but one is effected much worst than the rest. All plants are being vegged. They are about 3 months old and...
  10. 20180305_203209.jpg


    Hazeman Pine Tar Kush aka 79 Xmas Bud leaf variegation oddity phenotype.
  11. D

    Can bacteria enter a germed taproot?

    can bacteria enter a germed taproot by touching it or if it falls to the ground?
  12. D

    Just germinated seedling with taproot fell to ground can it harm plant

    since i am a beginner at growing cannabis i worry too much about my seedlings also because they’re dro :p as i was moving my germinated seedlings into soil i accidentally dropped it in the floor but i washed it with water will this expose the plant to anything? also, once i planted the seedling...
  13. D

    Can I use landscape mix as soil for cannabis plant?

    can landscape mix be used for cannabis plant
  14. RAIN MAN

    Blueberry Kush plant 4 weeks into flowering

    This is my Blueberry Kush plant 4 weeks into flowering.
  15. May Fly Taking In The Morning Sunshine

    May Fly Taking In The Morning Sunshine

    May Fly Taking In The Morning Sunshine
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  17. 36959181_2141328036195661_3805021143681728512_n.jpg


  18. 36954512_2140429646285500_4056035653983404032_n.jpg


  19. 36944529_2141328116195653_3379944098638069760_n.jpg


  20. T


    I noticed what looks like white hairs a couple days back (ironically on March 8th international women's day) and today i decided to take a few pictures to ask for your expertise as I'm fairly new to all of this! Outdoor grow Natural 12/12 cycle Strain: unknown Medium: soil
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