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  1. George Mc

    How many times should I top a photoperiod Black Indica plant?

    How many times should I top a black Indica plant?
  2. N

    Medical Marijuana & Shamanic Skills

    Medical Marijuana and Shamanic Skills I dislike the words shaman, shamanic and shamanism. They have been reheated so many times and served with so many questionable seasonings that they bring confusion to most conversations. I choose to talk here about shamanic skills for convenience. As a...
  3. Pinktiger777

    Pinktiger's Third Reveg - Come Along For The Ride!

    Hello, and welcome to my first journal and my third reveg of this plant. I will post the entire grow, and show pictures as we go. At this date, my plant has been revegging for one month. Here's a picture of one of the large buds from the January 1, 2018 harvest: The strain is Mazari Grape by...
  4. Teddy Edwards

    420 Magazine's Plant of the Month: February 2018

    Welcome to the 420 Magazine's Plant of the Month Contest. Please submit a photo of your best plant. (There is a separate contest thread for nugs) We will only accept a self-nomination. The contest will be open for submissions from the 1st until the 14th at midnight PST. At one minute past...

    Info needed soil pH balance

    Hello have a A.F. train wreck in soil and the soil has a ph of 7.5 how do I get the soil under 7 with watering when my plant is in a 10 gallon pot , plant seems to be doing well ,no yellowing etc but with 10 gallon pot how do I get soil number down , will watering bring down the overall ph of...
  6. M

    Leaves Curling Up - Taco

    Hello From Holland! Strain: CBD Kush (indica dominant) 1 Plant, indoor, small cabinet Led 280Watts at 40cm above plant temp daytime: 24 degrees temp night: 18-19 degrees Medium: Soil (canna bio plus) Airpot 11 liters Water: I use a tensiometer and keep it between 80 and 120 mbar Nutrients: did...
  7. M

    First time growing in 40 years

    Hey everybody, Grew a few plants in my apartment a long time ago. Got (justifiably) paranoid and ended the grow after a few weeks. Recently I moved to Oregon where it's legal! :-) So my gf (non-user) said I could grow a few plants and I opted to do a very small indoor grow and bought a little...
  8. C

    Not a normal yellowing issue - Please give opinions

    First time poster here so please do not be gentle. Be blunt and be honest. about 2 weeks ago my Thai plant started getting yellow leaves all throughout the tree. But this yellowing does not seem to be deficiency related and seems to be more of a very beautiful golden color but it has me...
  9. S

    The Cali Connection - Feminized seeds - Plant male

    Hello everyone, I've been growing marijuana for a few years now and I've never experienced something like this. Last summer, I got 10 Alien OG seeds from The Cali Connection. I waited until the fall to start one indoor. The seeds look extremely good and healthy, so I was very excited about...
  10. ognedster

    Back at it!

    Hi everyone. Old school indoor farmer coming out of retirement over here. I alsways used HID lamps in the past, but I have decided to make the jump to LED. So, I will be running 2 CREE MaxBloom 600's in a 5x5 tent. I'm going it's a DWC bubbler system, because I want to do a few large plants...
  11. M

    Curling wavy leaves - Help?

    Hi guys, pure noob, can someone tell me if this plant is ok, the leaves are very wavy and they droop toward the tips , she is in veg week2 and is a Candida cd1 plant from medicinal marijuana seeds. Oh, 6.0, biobizz nutes in hydro. 1200w led kingbo light, I can't figure out what's up with the...
  12. S

    Flowering question

    Hello all. I searched the forums but didn't see the answer I seek. I have a plant in flowering stage with 12/12 light cycle. It is in a DWC with air stones. It seems to be very healthy. It's been in the 12/12 cycle nearly two full weeks but I see no buds forming I do see a whole bunch of...
  13. Spec420

    Soil grow - Question about plant water consumption

    I am early in a grow in veg with a couple of Lemon Sour Diesel clones that I got from a dispensary. I am growing in Fox Farms soil with a 1200w LED in a 4x4 tent. Temps in the 70's RH in the 50's Both plants I am talking about are in 1gal pots right now. A couple of days ago I took both...
  14. R

    How to get seed from a favourite female plant without a male

    Hi everyone , got a question to ask growers I've got a favourite female plant and would like to get seed of this plant I have not got a male to pollinate this nice female any ideas to get seed from this plant without a male plant, :volcano-smiley:
  15. vyserage

    2 same strain plants cure with different results wtf?

    OK so I have 2 plants that are Gorilla Glue #4. Harvested at same time, for now I'll refer to them as plant 1 and plant 4. Plant 1 is still curing at 65% humidity in jars since the 14th of december. Anytime humidity hit 66 or higher I would leave top off of jar for 1 to 2 hours. If humidity...
  16. D

    Veg Only Grow Room - Help!

    Good day to all those who come across this thread. I have a small closet [pictures attached; 12" tiles] that I would like to use as a veg room; ideally a new plant will be placed in this room every two weeks. After a plant has been in the veg room for six weeks I will then shift it outside...
  17. potanna

    Training for nanoplants?

    heeeey guys! i want to plant some seeds, but i have a little time, almost 65 days. i dont want to plant autos, but regular feminised seeds. do any of you know any proper training so that the plants be ready in the end of these 65 days? i thought of some solutions myself but i have never...
  18. F

    Is this ready for harvest?

    Hey All, I'm a new grower and am having doubts about when to harvest. I've attached some pics of the trichomes of my plant. Does it look ready? Some look cloudy and even amber... but some look clear/glassy too. I'm a bit confused and any guidance would be very helpful.
  19. P

    Thoughts about using H202?

    I started a grow from clone about 5 weeks ago...just a single plant. 18hours light using HPS (1000w) a day. Hydroton media I've been using FoxFarm Nutrients and they've worked well for me...or at least well enough. I usually use Silica as well during the vegetative stage. I've read good...
  20. Webuilt

    Webuilt Indoor Grow

    Hi All, Ready for attempt number 2, after a failed outdoor grow which suffered an attack of mold. Learning the ropes for an indoor grow where I can control the environment a little better. So far I have been keeping the Temp around 73-78(daytime), 65 or so(night time) and humidity around 45%. It...
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