2. OGpapa

    A Twisted Tale of Banana Jealousy: Raw & Unpeeled (OGpapa's Version)

    🤭;)🤫 Banana Jealousy - Seedsman ∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆ 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌 A Twisted Tale of Banana Jealousy: Raw & Unpeeled (OGpapa's Version) ------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to a down and dirty OG Garden special! Keeping it short and Sweet with a ridiculous...
  3. Nani - Banana Kush

    Nani - Banana Kush

  4. Nani - Banana Kush

    Nani - Banana Kush

  5. Nani - Banana Kush

    Nani - Banana Kush

  6. Nani (Banana Kush - 420)

    Nani (Banana Kush - 420)

    Week 8 flower. She smells like vacation!
  7. Nani (Banana Kush - 420)

    Nani (Banana Kush - 420)

    After 10 attempt to germinate these 420 seeds, I finally got the tenth seed to germinate after 15 months of trying. Look at her go!
  8. T

    New to growing: questions about timing, feeding & what am I doing wrong

    Hi, I am growing Aloha & Banana Autoflower in NJ. I started the seeds the beginning of May and moved them outside in NJ around June 1st. They are in pots of Manure, hummus & garden soil. The soil has been treated with organic fruit tree fertilizer in the first weeks and again about a week...
  9. Bnizl3

    Bnizl3’s Indoor RDWC- Clay Pebbles: 2022 Kush Fruity Mix Pack Grow Journal

    Kush-Fruity Mix Pack Planted 3/5/2022 Banana Kush-Ending seedling 3/5/22 60% Indica 40% Sativa Mango Kush-Ending Seedling 3/5/22 65% Indica 35% Sativa Blackberry Kush-7 day old seedling 3/12/22 80% Indica 20% Sativa Indoor 3 pot system with res, Rwdc system 4x2x6. Clay...
  10. Sac on Bubba Kush

    Sac on Bubba Kush

    This appeared on week 6 approximately. They were clones
  11. SashaShiva

    Banana Crack, Danky Kong & Strawberry Stardawg x Malawi: ElSasha Seeds

    Here is the thread where these seeds were made Crossing Malawi Gold, Strawberry Diesel, Banana Crack, Early Durban, Hindu Kush Now I am Germinating: Strawberry Stardawg X Malawi Banana Crack X Malawi Danky Kong X Malawi The Strawberry Stardawg and Banana Crack are Holy Smoke Seeds, the Danky...
  12. PurpleGunRack

    PurpleGunRack's Revenge Grow

    :welcome::welcome::welcome::420::welcome::welcome::welcome: -to my revenge grow and first time growing with Quantum Boards :passitleft: Germination date: 29OCT2017 It's good to be at it again after a less than succesful grow with an untimely finish... This time I got some new and 2 old...
  13. CannaPot

    Cannapot - Holy Smoke Seeds - Nice Reduction Of Most Cannabisseeds

    Hi :Namaste: We are just running a realy interesting special at our shop - we have reduced most of the seeds by Holy Smoke and we think this is not bad :) Here you can check out the whole productlist of the cannabisseeds we have for sale, we offer regular and feminized cannabisseeds by Holy...
  14. CannaPot

    New Holy Smoke Seeds - Bananarama Now At Cannapot

    :Namaste: Hi! We have some real nice and very interesting new feminized cannabisseeds by breeder HOLY SMOKE Seeds now available at our shop - great genetics of highest quality, four new strains: 1.) BANANA DIESEL @ Banana Diesel 6 fem [Holy Smoke Seeds] : buy cannabisseeds - Cannapot...
  15. C

    Problem - Banana!

    Hi This Is My First Grow Days 44 ( Flowering ) Original Images URL Viewing image 3fbCX.jpg Viewing image 8lDGf.jpg Viewing image cOrzk.jpg Viewing image ipzeM.jpg Viewing image YV9jW.jpg Is that a banana? What should I do? Can i Keep This Plant Up To 63 Days (Week 9)? THX
  16. B

    Is This Plant a Hermie?

    Check it out. This is obviously the top cola. About 2 weeks into flowering. My other plant is way hairier, and has tons of trichomes, with no visible bulb (sac) looking things in the top cola. This one, on the other hand... Has visible acorn looking sacs and little hairs, and pretty much no...
  17. P

    Female banana

    I found female bananas do i need to harvest this plant?
  18. HizzyB

    HizzyB's Sour Banana

    HizzyB here. Longtime medical marijuana grower/ caregiver in a medical state and well below my limits. If any of you out there are researching Rx Green and their simple and very effective nutrient line search no further I will show it all Ok this is Crokett Family Farms Sour Banana Sherbert...
  19. G

    Banana Pheno

    Alright so I've wanted to find some banana kush seeds but couldn't find any real ones. Is there any plants with the pheno of banana flavor or smell? Just wondering. I won't die if I can't find it. Just curious cause I love banana flavors and smells.
  20. BornTo420

    Hermaphrodite Banana shows up 53 days into flowering, 93x close up images

    I am own my first grow and 53 days in a banana shows up after a few hours ar 96 degrees..Ventilation issue in closet... I made a close up video click here to see is @ 93x magnification. Grow_1_Container_3_Banana_Hermaphrodite.MOV - YouTube
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