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  1. M

    Requesting Assistance Please - Bud Pics

    Greetings, I am a brand new grower. Bought a tent, in-line fan, 300watt LED panel, the whole works. Started the bloom phase on 12/25 and everything has progressed very well using the GH chemical nutes. Today, there seems to be some difference in my buds that I would like you guys to take a...
  2. Cannafan

    Ed Rosenthal's "Beyond Buds" book...anybody own it?

    I have this book coming soon, but wondering if any of you already have it and what your thoughts are on it? Here's what Amazon says: I'm mainly interested in the Topicals and Edibles sections, if anyone can give their yeys or nays on the content. Thanks!
  3. M

    New Grower Question

    Hello Tokers, I am a new grower. I purchased Nirvana's Blue Mystic and Bubblelicious Autos, but with that came 10 free mystery seeds. As I do not have much room for growth, Is there any way that I can shorten a regular seed if I grow it? Can I shorten the veggie stage of a regular plant so...