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  1. F

    Purple Bud Sensi Seeds - White Label - First Time Grow

    Purple bud sense seeds 25% sativa 75% indica My setup 1 viperspecta 450w led (veg) 1 mars hydro 600w led (flower) 1.5x1.5x200 tent 4inch rvk intake fan 6inch rvk outtake fan rhino carbon filter I'm using bio bizz all mix With bio bizz grow Bloom Root juice Top max Put into...
  2. Irishbudz

    New Grower needs help asap please

    I have amnesia auto xxl growing on day 52. My bottom leafs are turning yellow and then die. I'm using bio bloom and bio grow, with the light mix soil. 2x 11ltr pots 300w CFL 6400k watering with 1ltr each every time the pot it light, 3ml grow 5ml bloom mixed with 2ltr tap water. Every 4-5 days I...
  3. B

    Bio HSO 10 Plant Journal

    Will get pictures up straight away
  4. Eptic

    Yellow leaves on seedling

    Hello! I have recently started a new grow, 7 days in now. (Devil Cream auto) (Sweet Seeds) In a 1x1x2m tent, 600hps light. Bio bizz grow nutes & I grow in coco. I Pre flushed the coco with nutes before putting seedlings in. Since three days the bigger leaves started showing and I've been...
  5. KozMaster

    Big problem - Over-fertilizer

    Hi everyone! Last week fertilizing my flower 3 times for 6 days and everything's gone very bad. I use fertilizer last wednesday for last time and I try to clean them only whit wather but nothing happend ... I use BioBizz Try Pack (Bio Grow, Bio Bloom and Top Max) Can someone help me to...
  6. J

    Canna brand nutes anyone?

    I have been growing as Organic as possible by making my own soil with compost,worm castings,numix which is a local product,ground oyster and crab shells as well as compost teas for veg and flower. Always had great results with using Canna Rhizotonic for root growth and was looking into Cannas...
  7. G

    Bio Bizz

    hello mates i have starters pack of bio bizz how and when should i feed the ladies ? if any1 can dexcribe the process of it ... :Namaste:
  8. M

    Before I start to grow just wanna know if I'm on the right track

    i enjoy smoking cannabis and use it for my back pain. What to be able to grow the strains I want and smoke something I no will be grown right (hopefully).Just need some wisdom from the elders before I start my journey. I would like to start with autoflowers. Autoflowers are getting very good...
  9. T

    Auto topping help - 24 days old

    Hey guys and ladies. Got 8 blackberry kush auto from Dutch passion. Ladies are now 24days old. I am a first time grower but have a epic set up compared to most grows I go and see. The question is to top or not to top and if I top where and when. Does it improve yield ? Are they...
  10. S

    Mag Def?

    Greetings all! Wondering if I can tap into your knowledge and wisdom for some advice. I could sure use it! Here's the rundown... Bomb's Cherry Bomb at 81 days veg from seed 4x12 tent with friends. 8" Hyper fan keeping temps at 75-77F. RH between 55-65...
  11. C

    1 x Master Kush - 60W LED - Grow

    hello equipment: - seed: master kush feminized (95% Indica) sensiseeds - 90w led (true 60w, red-blue-orange = 35-5-5) - homebox 160x80x80 - soil: canna bio terra plus - nutes: canna bio vega, canna bio flores, canna pk 13/14, canna bio boost - airpot 3L without grid, saucer - carbon...
  12. D

    Help needed - Problem child

    Hows everyone today, I have a pineapple express that has a upper leaf problem that I could use some help with. Bio thrive nutes, 6ml calmag, 6ml bloom, and 3ml bio bud, ph at 5.8 morning feeding and 5.65-5.7 evening feeding, temps 82-83 lights on, 69-70 lights off, humidity 35-45%, Grown in...
  13. F

    Need help - Can't spot the problem - GHS week 7

    Problem from last night reoccuring on different leafs (even some small new ones have some): Previous thread with bit more pics < Using Bloombastic + bio heaven + bio grow , can it be PH issuses? i have checked ph and everything is fine. maybe cal/mag? or phosphor...
  14. T

    Help! - 1st Grow White Widow

    Hi guys, i have a problem. They're in vegetative stage for 1 month. I'm growing indoor in ALL MIX soil, using BIOBIZZ Fertilizers (Bio Grow and Bio Heaven) Temperature of Room 77 °F at day and at night 64.4- 68 °F. Wattage of LED light 600W. I have 2 Lamps x 600W. RH- 50%, and pH 7. I'm...
  15. RheinRover

    RheinRover - 1st Grow - Auto - Organic Soil - RQS Royal Jack - Easy Bud - 2015

    What strain is it? RQS Royal Jack and RQS Easy Bud both Autos Royal Jack Sativa:40% Indica: 30% Ruderalis: 30% Easy Bud Sativa: 15% Indica: 55% Ruderalis: 30% Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg Indoor Soil If soil... what is in your mix? BioBizz Light mix If soil... What size pot? 15L Fabric...