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    A wave from the UK

    Greetings all. On a quest for knowledge and a quest for a like minded community intent on sharing the love. A relative rookie from the UK I'm now onto my 3rd grow. Currently have Fast Buds Mexican Airlines and Blue Dream'atic at day 16 inside a 3 x 3 x 5.9 tent in 15l pots - the soil being a...
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    Biobizz All Mix 50L
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    Biobizz light-mix ok for the whole grow?

    Hello, my name is Tim. I'd like to apologise in advance for my poor english, and maybe the category where i'm posting this thread. I'm currently 2 weeks into my first grow, and i bought the Biobizz light-mix as my medium. My question is then the following: Can i use this medium through...
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    Question about Biobizz in soil without plant

    so yeah i forgot that i orderd an (air dome) so i have prepared the soil in the new pot for transferring the plant, but didn't cause the air dome has not arrivved yet so what should i do now? do i need to flush the soil now? or when the air dome is here just plant as usual but water it...
  5. QKrop

    Completed AutoBlueberry - LED - Air-Pot - Biobizz/Promix Soil - 2015

    What's up everyone. Back on my second grow after a disastrous first one when stupid spider mites kill my plants but I'm going to take all efforts to be bug free. Anywho I'm growing Dutch Passion's Autoblueberry strain in 3 gal Air-pots. Another new tool I'm trying out but with all you guys...
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