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  1. P

    Pakmans Micro LED Bagseed Flowering Attempt 6/17

    Hey all, Pakman here. For those of you helping me out in my other post in FAQ's, and anyone joining me now, I have decided to start a journal to keep track of what I'm doing, and hopefully make it easier for people to help and learn with all the information in one place. So, here goes...
  2. LuckyAlbatros

    Anxious to learn - 1st Grow - GTH#1

    Hi there All, My name is Ric and this is my first real grow. I've dabbled with throwing bag seed in the backyard when I was a kid and had a few nice plants but this will be my first effort to grow indoors and control all of the science with maximum potency and production as equal goals. I...
  3. N


    Good morning and a :peace: out to all you fine ladies and gentleman at 420mag. this is my first post and my first grow in 10 years. I was arrested 10 years ago and swore I would never do that again :rolleyes3. I suffer from Chron's, plus I have major nerve and tendon damage in my left hand. I...
  4. lexort420

    The Hempire Strikes Back!

    Well I finally have germinated the seed that I wanted to start this journal with its not to say its the only strain i will be doing in this journal its just where we are starting lol. Not much has changed since my last journal only now i have some quality genetics to be working with this time...
  5. L

    Autoflower Skunk Day 14 White Pistils!

    Hello im new to this forum and new to this sport -after 1 year of searching blah blah i finally started :D And i wanted to ask you guys something about my first grow ! ( coz im a newbie ) I did research forum before i started my first grow and all i can say is was for good ! im doin...
  6. S

    Do not use with timer?

    I have a 42 watt optolight CFL 2700k and it says Do not use with timers, blah blah, etc... Why not?