Pakmans Micro LED Bagseed Flowering Attempt 6/17


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Hey all, Pakman here.

For those of you helping me out in my other post in FAQ's, and anyone joining me now, I have decided to start a journal to keep track of what I'm doing, and hopefully make it easier for people to help and learn with all the information in one place.

So, here goes...

To keep it short, I scored 7 bagseeds a year ago, germinated 4 of them, with 1 female. I played around with vegging and cloning but the box wasn't suitable for flowering. Massive heat wave killed the plants and I left the idea alone for a while. Got back into it, 3 out of 3 females. Played around, lost some, cloned heaps. Blah blah blah...

Now, I have a Seahawk clonetent which I got for the purpose of bonsai mothers and small rooting clones under 50w of 5000k LED. We have to move house soon so I'm waiting off on buying a large tent for flowering.

I've asked a lot of questions and received a lot of great information from members in my other post. As a result I've decided to give flowering a go in this tent, whilst still keeping vegging plants in my old box.

At present, there are some varying size plants vegging under 50w of 5000k LED's in the tent, they will be moved back to the old box which has 8x 24w 6500k 1250lm cfls and the four best will be transplanted and flowered in the tent.

Here's the setup(in progress):
1x Seahawk clonetent (w*d*h - 0.75 * 0.5 * 0.6m)
30x BC batten holders
30x 10w led bulbs (20x 2700k 950lm, 10x 6000k 1000lm)
4x 5 litre tupperware containers(dimensions to come)
1x 100mm Flanged PC style fan(specs to come)
1x 100mm ducting
1x Digital Temperature/Humidity meter

My desire to obtain a harvest or two before moving means that I will be growing in shallow 'pots' using the scrog method.

Lots more information, and of course photos to come.

Thanks for reading.
Sorry guys, been busy with work.

Still waiting for the 10x 6000k globes to arrive.
Still need to complete the light board.
Still need to move the plants back to the old box.
Still need to finish up the tent setup.

I'll post a few pics to show you all what's going on at the moment.

Thanks for reading.
Two plants have been transplanted, the other four smaller ones also need to be done. These four will hopefully be flowered.

I started setting up the pots but accidentally used my metal drill bit instead of the plastic, so the second hole destroyed the container, I'll buy a new one tonight.

No more progress on the light board as of yet, been busy with work.
Couldn't get a new container today, will have to wait till pay day.

I'm thinking I might just run with 3, assuming I don't wreck anymore containers...they'd probably fit better anyways although it'd mean a far deeper grow then wide. As in, each plant can cover half a metre deep, but only 0.2m wide.

This is more than the area available to 4, but less of a square shape.

Any input would be greatly appreciated, the amount of views should have warranted at least one response by now surely?

Tonight's plan is to transplant the four clones into round pots. This is very un-ideal, but they NEEDed to be transplanted a week ago(they're doing that weird "dead" but still moist and mostly green droop).

Hopefully I can get their new 'pots' finished over the weekend, then they can be repotted once again to the final container some time next week, to allow dealing with potential transplant shock.

The light board should be very simple, but 90% of the time when I'm not at work, I am baked and/or spending valuable and limited time with the missus.

If I can hit it with a clear head, I'll realise that if I write down the measurements I can just copy them, rather than wasting an hour plus on working out where the next batten holder will go.
The four plants have been transplanted and given a feed. They're already starting to bounce back.

I've moved a few of the others back into the cfl box to get them ready for living in there for a few + months.

The box runs hot and the tent runs cold, I'm thinking I might try and utilise the heat for the tent. Any suggestions on doing this?

I'm picturing box -> fan | ducting -> tent -> ducting -> fan

The box has a fan mounted in the rear, that will extract heat from the box. Ducting near the fan will take in some of the heat and direct it into the tent. Then, some ducting running to the fan drawing air out.
No reply?

I'm going to post this elsewhere as well, as it seems I can't even get a "you suck" reply here.

I can't get my 10x 6000k globes for another month! (turns out they're not big sellers, and so the company literally has to make them from scratch, wtf.

What would the difference in flowering stretch be between 20x 2700k + 10 6000k vs 30x 2700k?

I can buy another 10 2700k globes right now, which I'm tempted to do as these globes are the most efficient as far as lumens per watt. 950lm 10w vs the best we found which is 750lm 9w? 200 less lumens at 1 less watt? F*#& that! And the globes I'm using are 2 bucks each, these are 3.50, and that's not retail that's cost + 5%.

Another consideration was cfls for the 6500k, but due to them lighting from the sides not the tip, that'd mean 1 globe in the space of 4. With already running a tiny space with tiny light power, I'd rather not go down with anything.

Thanks for hopefully a response guys...
No reply?

Gotta love that Aussie euthanasia. I can't assist ya with most of your questions mate, as I know stuff all about clf's or led's and besides an old fridge years ago, I have never been forced to grow in such a small space. Apart from that the girls must be looking forward to their new home as it's getting cold here, I should imagine that you would be kicking the ice from the backs of the sheep by now. ^^

That Guinea Pig looks interesting, your girls have been tipped a lot cleaner than what mine were. Then again from looking at your photos, i'd say that there are a lot of things about your setup that show a very well organised, and thought out room.

These forums are a credit to all those that have gone before us, and to those that continue to teach and instruct the rest of us.

The idea of running heat from one tent into the next is solid. What heat and humidity temps are you aiming for within each tent?

I don't know of your electricity experience, but if ya got any complicated questions, flick me a private pm, and i have a mate who is qualified, and can assist with that.

It all looks good and good luck over these next few weeks.
Thanks for the reply, Loony.

Yes it's very cold here right now, the cfls are providing some heat for me but not a lot. Tents sitting at 14°c at 5:30am. Considering outside is - 3°c and the room is around 2°c it's not the worst...but it's not the constant ~21°c it was a couple weeks ago.

Yeah I'm hoping the heat transfer will work out alright. The box usually sits around 30°+ @ 40-50% RH and the tent currently 14° @ 50-60% RH.

I'm hoping I can kind of even them out around 23-26° and keep humidity around 50%.
I found in winter last year, outside temp at night 3-5c. Inside room, with 2 x 600w. the temp sat at an even 17c, as you say not perfect, but unless you are prepared to add extra heat, Heat mats or blown, it is the only way to keep that temp constant. I tried increasing the heat, but at the time i had no carbon filter set up, no outlet fans. The humidity would drip off me head whenever i brushed the top of the tent.

My room is Panda plastic inside another room. So temp fluctuations happen heaps. I have often thought of adding the extra heat for winter and a air-con for summer, but with those two lights, fan's blah, blah, blah. The power bill is already over $650. + my mate has informed me that I have already maxed out what the line can handle safely, so hoping the old adage of, "Shit man, it's weed, it will grow anywhere", sometimes pays off. It's all I can do until I move in a couple of weeks.
Hope all is well in your world.

How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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