Homemade Growbox 2,2 x 5 ft, 2x 500w Black Star Led, Lightrail 4.0, Hydro SOG

Hi there old friends :)

I am back and ready to start a new journal, but this time with Led Grow lights.
Some of you might seen my grow some years before f.eks:
G13 Haze Scrog

For this grow I have constructed my own grow box using sand.w Elements.
These elements are isolated with PIR Foam, this will help me keep the noise down to a minimum.

I constructed one grow box for flowering and one smaller for clones and mother plants.


The wooden floor describes how big the grow room with the grow box'es are. The wood are messured exactly.





This is what I have so far:

Flowering room:
- Flower box ( 2.2 x 5 ft ).
- 2x 500w Led Grow lights ( Black Star, power draw 290 each ).
- Light Rail 4.0 ( time delay option and speed option in same ).
- 1x 180 CMH 100mm Exhause Fan ( Blow air Outside house )
- 1x 180 CMH 100mm Carbon Filter
- 1x 185 CMH 125mm Exhause Fan ( Blow only outside the flowering box )
- 1x 95 CMH 100mm Exhause Fan ( Blow only outside the flowering box )
- 1x Table Fan 8" ( Wall mounted, for blow direct on the plants )
- 1x Table Fan 12" ( Under ebb and flood table )
- 1x Tetratec APS 400 with 2x 20cm air stone ( for reservoir )

Vegetative room:
- Vegetative Box ( 2,2 x 3 ft )
- 4x 18w FLC pipe ( For mother plants and clones ).
- 1x 180 CMH 100mm Exhause Fan ( Blow air Outside house )
- 1x 180 CMH 100mm Carbon Filter

This is what I Need or gonna upgrade:

Flowering Room
- Ebb and flood table ( I am gonna purchuse the EF420 table without the reservoir )
- I purchuse all fittings and reservoir tank 50 gallon
- Backup water pump
- 26 Square pots for the ebb and flood table
- Growtronix automated grow room envirement ( this will come later on )
- CO2 regulator with tank ( connected to the Growtronix ).
- there is proberbly alot more, but can not think about it now

I use Canna nutrients as these are easy to buy here,
Also, I have not choosen the strain yet, but have 3x mother plants up and running now:

AK47, Jack1 and Diesel also had Tangerine dream but this plant is not stable enough for this project.
If none of these strains will do then I need to purchuse another strain until I find the perfect one :)

I am also open to suggestions about strains :)

I gonna update with some picture later

Also my english is not perfect hehehe, so sorry for all misspelled words

Best Regards
Thank you :)

Hydro is the only way for me.
I have tried many different mediums, but the ebb and flood table I used was amazing.
The growth was so quick compared to any soil.

The advantage using ebb and flood is the SOG method, much more easy to maintain many plants in one small space then soil or soiless medium.

There are many good hydroponic setups out there, and ebb and flood maybe not for everyone, but here is why I prefer ebb and flood:

1. I dont like the pump to go 24h ( f.eks sprayers making sound etc )
2. It is really easy to change the reservoir nutrients or clean it in the middle of a grow
3. I can use many different mediums or pots in this system
4. if using pots, its easy to move them around
5. I think this system is really easy to maintain and run. can be really forgiving. just keep an extra water pump and change them after 6 - 12 months.
6. It is really cheap and easy to make :)

But I not there yet with the ebb and flood table,
First I need to find the right strain for this project.

Here are some pictures I have taken from the room today






Inside the vegetative room I keep my lighs 24h but gonna reduce them to 12h when not rooting clones.
As you see I do a really simple way of cloning, but it works and you really dont need any fancy machines for cloning. You just put them in water and keep them there. I never spray them or anything, only fill more water inn when needed :).
I know some people have problem cloning, so try this method and you be suprised how easy it is, take me 12 - 18 days for rooting 90% sucess if not more.

The mother plants are around 2 months now, and can supply me for around 20 clones each, but I need more to fill the table, so in in 2 weeks or so it should be ready I think.
The clones I have rooting / vegging by the mothers are soon to go into the flowering room to test out the strains. I will know soon which one to keep or if I keep any of them at all.
The small seedlings I took out from some bud I buy not long ago, this bud was really nice, but had some seeds in it.
All seed sprouted after one day :) so Ill keep em to test them to for testing.







Here is the flowering room.
I took the pictures in here with lights off as the led light color will make picture look bad.
Anyway, in here you see some burned plants, well I think them are burned. It looks like to me that the Tangerine dream can not take to much nutrients. To bad my EC meter not working ( after 1 months use only ), so I need to buy a new one.
But I cutting down on the nutrients now to see if it helps.
If anyone have any ideas I be happy to listen :)

The good small plant in there is an AK clone









I hope you all like,
Thanks :)

But some plants are not so healthy atm,
There is an issue I am not so sure about and hope anybody here can help me.

I am currently feeding them Canna Coco A and B ( not have PPM meter as it broke down so can not test the nutrients ) But I did around 30ml pr 10 l each
and with 25ml cannazym and 5ml rhizotonic.

My PH is at around 5,8 - 6,0
I use Tap wather around 200ppm ( Soft water )

And it is only happening in the Flowering room and not vegg room

Any ideas?




















I know it is a lot of pictures hehehe, and it is really depressing so see.
I have grown with coco before and had no issues, heck this is my first issue ever growing marijuana.
I am speechless and not have a clue what it can be.

The Ph for coco is same as for hydroponic, so I know the PH should be on track 5.2 - 6.2 or something. I always try and keep it at 5.8 - 6.0.
But most think its a nutrient burn


Thank you :),
I gonna get this grow going soon to, just hate when something like this issue comes up hehehe.
The cloning process is rather simple, I use no dome, neither mist them or use rooting hormone. I just cut them in angle, cut off some big leaf or cut them in half, then stick them in water. My water is set at 7.0, and I do not adjust the PH.
I use minimal light on them, if you see on the picture that I have them on a shelf over the lights.
They don't receive any direct light, but stay in a lighted room.
To much light is bad, will make them try vegg instead.

I run the light 24h and take them when roots around 1cm long, you can wait longer or take them earlier. Should take 12 - 21 days depending on the strain.
The temperature is at 22 - 27 in the room

Hope this helps

Let me know how it goes :)
New update:

The plants has not gotten any worse.
I have only one bad looking plant ready for flushing.

It seems it only is nutrient burn and not any deficiency :)

I also put in a big order 1000 bucks for some new gear.
Hydroponic setup, EC meter and all calibration solution, Carbon filter, Wall mounted fan, etc

I know there is many diy technics on the hydro system I choose, but I dont have time to go looking for everything and try putting it together.
The unit I was supose to go for was the Ebb & flood system with a flood tray ( see first post ).
I just see that it might be to high, and for that I can not keep my plants any tall 2 feet max.
I choose there for the DWC recycle system with auto top off 10x pots.

I gonna keep the reservoir outside aswell as the brain.
And I gonna use this heater 200w

I also purchused this EC meter

I will also swap my Carbon filter in flowering room and put it in the vegg room. I ordered a Rhino filter for the flowering room.

Here is some more things that I am waiting for

100ml Syringe

10ml Syringe


Well, now I am only missing the Growtronix system, but that gonna cost me even more, that will be for later.
The growtronix will make me controll everything in the grow room throught a computor that I will set up in the grow room ( gonna make it look really nice in there ).
How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info! :blushsmile:

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Thanks and hope all is well in your world!

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine!:Namaste:
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