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blood meal

  1. J

    Blood meal in water?

    Hi, I recently set up my first grow and purchased some Jobes organic blood meal for my ladies. The package says to use when you transplant so you put the granular fertilizer under the plant. I would prefer to dissolve the blood meal in water and feed them through watering. Can somebody let me...
  2. T

    Help me blend some soil - First time grower

    Hi, I've attempted to grow a plant before, which died due to root rot, mainly because the soil was so crap it gave the plant huge drainage issues. So this time I wanted to do it right and I want to make sure I get the soil right. This is for a single plant, just for my medicinal use so I'm...
  3. CoalCracker

    How often to add Blood or Bone Meal?

    Hello fellow growers. This is my first grow and first thread post :high-five: Soil: 50% - Miracle Grow Premium Potting Soil, 20%- Sphagnum Peat Moss, 30% - Perlite Container: 1gal Light: 18/6(veg), 8 - 23watt(1600 lumen, 5K) CFL Humidity: 55%(average) Temp: 76f average (68 low, 81 high)...
  4. BlissfulToker

    Organic Nutrients W Inorganic (PetrolChemical) based nutes

    Just wondering if anyone has had experience mixing or using both organic nutrients (blood meal, bone meal, bat guano etc.) along with standard 20-20-20 or 15-30-15 oil based nutes? I understand that using at the same time could harm the plant from nute burns. But what about starting out with...
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