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  1. C

    Anybody use PhonicTrap ducting

    Hello everyone was wondering if anybody here uses 'Phonic Trap ' ducting ? It looks really good so i bought some but have yet to fit it. I was getting fed up with the noise of air blowing so thought this should help. If anyone has any experience please share.
  2. J

    Why does she look yellowish compared to others?

    Okay so im 3 weeks in only been using water except 1 time my 2nd to last watering i used my own fresh urine with water at 1/10 ratio. Im using 13 cfls and 2 led which 1 5000k cfl and 1 2700k Led is directly 2-3inches away from this particular gal, im using a spagmoss,pearlite and coco fiber soil...
  3. J

    Newbie Grow Journal 1st Entry JMills

    Hey guys im a newbie having only grown some garbage outside in the past ,i would of started my grow journal at the start but ive been so busy trying to get everything going but im on week 3,im using cfl 8 5000k,1 6500k, 5 2700k and 2 2700k LED. When i throw my gals into flower i am gonna add 2...
  4. J

    Requesting help before plants die

    I believe I overwatered my plants about 1 week ago while I was out of town. 2 of my plants took it really hard and died almost immediately. I thought the other two would survive but now it seems they dont look too happy either. The plants are about 40-50 cm (16-20 inch) from the light Strain...
  5. N

    Unknown Bag Seed - Happy Frog - 1000W MH/HPS - Air Cooled - 8x8

    Right now my baby is in the seedling box with 4 CFLs on a ballast very close with fresh incoming air through an ionizer, a fan blowing hot air out the top(exhaust) and 1 fan blowing directly on the plant and one circulating, also another ionizer blowing across so I have 5 fans moving air in a...
  6. SpaceLulu

    3 weeks into flower inner leaves drying

    Hello, I am 3 weeks into flower. And some of my inner leaves are drying on all plants. I lolipoped them a bit, but some leaves that remained in the very center are drying off. Humidity and temperature is okay, but could it be the airflow? Or is it maybe high humidity at that spot? I...