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  1. coralman

    Little help with sugar based feed and boosters

    So i usually use biobizz top max through out flowering or just straight mollases, iv recently got the Shogun sumo boost bio stimulant which contains sugars (i bought it for the tricantanol) So my question is would it be wise too ditch the topmax whilst using the sumo boost and maybe just...
  2. Ron Strider

    NY: Gov. Cuomo Signs Bill To Boost Hemp Production

    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed legislation that aims to boost hemp production. Also on last week, the Democratic governor announced $10 million in state funds to boost industrial hemp research and development. While hemp is a variety of cannabis, it does not contain the level of...
  3. J

    HB-101 or black magic bloom boost

    Hey ppl...i bought a bottle of black magic bloom boost from home depot almost a week ago and it seems to be worth the $30 i spent on it because the buds are swelling up fast. Anyway has anyone tried black magic bloom boost and what were your results? Also i got a few samples of HB-101 and was...
  4. J

    Black magic bloom boost?

    Has anyone tried Black magic bloom boost at home depot? Im pretty sure its specifically made for marijuana from what the packaging says. Anyways id appreciate any feedback!
  5. 4

    Help using Canna products!

    Hi all, Just bought Canna Boost Accelerator and PK 13/14. Made up 2ml/litre of Boost (minimum recommended by Canna), gave to my girls last night along with their regular feed of chilli nutes which they seem to enjoy, and today they all have nute burn. I majorly watered down the nutes for...
  6. higherthehigh

    Blackstrap Molasses vs Canna Boost?

    whats peoples oppinions on molasses? and canna boost? has anyone every used malasses and got great yields from using it? reason i ask is i dont get paid from work till the 15th of next month and im 3 weeks from swith 12/12 on my ladies and they have small clusters of white hairs forming...