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  1. X

    PH setup

    Hi guys, I recently bought Cali OG Kush seeds that have already germinated and the soil I am using currently has a PH of 7 and was wondering if that was normal or if I should lower that value with some PH down before putting my seeds. I bought this soil which had a good NPK ratio. Thanks for...
  2. Gardenseed

    Crop King Seeds - OG Kush x Haze - Start To Finish In 1 Page

    Thank you for checking out my Journal. This will be short and sweet. I bought 5 OG Kush x Haze seeds from a local store. The pack on the right is the OG x Haze I bought from a local store, the one on the left is Alfghan I ordered by mail with no problem last year. Germination was 100%...
  3. N

    Too early to sex

    White Widow Day 10 of flower is this to early to sex, seed was bought as feminized
  4. V

    Help with first grow

    Hi everyone, First post and first grow! I'm growing 4 plants that just went into the solo cups. I did a lot of research and just have a few more questions which I'd love to get some advice on. First I was going to get a 2x4x5 grow tent, then a 2x4x6, and now I'm thinking of getting a 4x4x7...
  5. P

    PH up/down - How to use?

    Hey guys so i bought 250ml bottles of both up and down. They said it uses 1ml per 100L ill be watering much less than that of course. Im stumped as to how ill measure it etc.... I have bought syringes but they are 1ml increments Any suggestions and tips with using the PH products would be...
  6. P

    Tight Fit - CFL & LED - Help?

    Hey guys so I have a 2.5x2.5x5 I'm setting up (you can read more in my journal if you like) The kit i bought came with 4x2' t5 24w reflector and 2xLED panels. Upon doing more research and examining them, the LEDS looked like shit - so I've bought a Mars 600 MY question is, its such a tight...
  7. G

    LED driver and dimmer switch question!

    I have 5x clu3 55w-36v citizen cobs order and I could not work out the correct driver to run all 5 so I just bought indivual drivers at 50w-36v @ 2700k, does anybody know if I can wire them all too one dimmer switch? I also bought 2 chinese 100w cool day-light cob's that came with drivers for...
  8. C

    Does this look healthy to you? (new grower)

    Hey there! This will be my first ever post on this site! So I recently planted my auto white widow after germinating it. It has popped out of the ground and being the nervous perfectionist that I am, I need to know if the little girl is healthy. Additionally, I would like to know if anyone here...
  9. S

    Carbon filter - How oversized can I go?

    Hi everyone. New member here who is also new to gardening let alone indoor gardening. With great hope and excitement, I'll be able to throw some seeds into some coco coir that I've been purchasing from Attitude. I might have gotten a little overboard on selection, but there was giddyness in...
  10. J Greenthumb

    First time in a long time - LED woes

    I grew a number of crops (indoor and outdoor) in the late 90s/early 2000s. Since then I've grown ton of veggies/berries/fruit and I have a large, organic butterfly/hummingbird/bee garden. When my state legalized recreational growing, I decided to grow some cannabis in a small closet in my...
  11. A

    About this guy

    Hi my name is Adriano I am from Boston MA and I love to medicate! Makes me feel better, in every way. I just bought a growing tent + lights and I have my first sprout!!! Exited like a baby! Stay lifted!
  12. R

    Unknown Strain - Low Budget CFL - First Grow

    Okay so as this is my first journal entry ever it's going to be a little messy. I had some bud and found some seeds in it and have been thinking of growing for the past couple weeks (on and off for more like a year) and finally figured I'd give it a go. I wasn't aware of the strain at the time...
  13. R

    Growing light

    I was using 2 400w grow lights before I bought super silver haze seeds and also just bought a 150w 12-band LED Grow Light - DUAL VEG/FLOWER i was wondering if my 2 400w is better or will this light do the job and how far from the plants should they be thanks
  14. D

    Any clue what my issue is? Pic

    These were all growing great until a recent watering, then it started to go downhill pretty fast for half of my plants. I've done a lot of searching and my only guess is that maybe my pH was way off when I watered that time (My meter batteries died and I just winged it for awhile). I also...
  15. CabinetGrower

    Making My Own Soil

    I've been doing quite a bit of RESEARCH into WHICH Soil & What to Add To It to make my Princesses Comfy and HEALTHY THROUGHOUT Their Entire Lives. Personally I've purchased a Bail Of Soil Mycrohaize of course. Then I went out & Bought Every Bit Of BAT GUANO on the shelf 10 Kilos to be exact...
  16. W

    Seed troubles

    I've been growing indoors for about a year and a half now with pretty good luck but lately I've had nothing but trouble getting from the seed to an actual seedling.I germinate the seeds to begin with then I put the seeds in potting soil but hardly anything has made it past the surface of the...
  17. B

    Southern Star Seeds

    Hey ! Anyone bought from Southern Star Seeds ? OZ distributor for Haze IO / UK ??
  18. ItsRubbers

    First grow questions

    Bought 48"x48"x78" tent Bought FF Nutrients all 3 Bought FF Soil Just looking whats a good grow light to purchase for my size tent. And what else am I missing
  19. ForbiddenAct

    Started using Vape cartridges this year

    :Love:This year (May) I bought my first vape pen at a Colorado dispensary. It advertised up to 400 hits. I believe the Brand was Tumbleweed and the vape they used was disposable. I'd guess I got about 100 hits from it, before it stopped working. Fast forward 3 weeks ago, and I bought a vape at...
  20. P

    First grow - Nutrient Timing

    Hello guys ! I'm a first time grower that need some help with nutrient. My little babies just popped off the ground : I was wondering, when am I supose to sart adding nutrient to the water I feed them ? These are the one I bought : I don't really know anything about nutrient, so I...