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bud development problem

  1. Ç

    Buds not growing

    Hi all, I’m a first time grower currently attempting to grow outdoors in a large pot. It has been growing healthily for about two months now and seems to have been preflowering for the best part of August. However, the preflowers have not started to turn into buds and a lot of the pistils have...
  2. S

    First time grower NL Auto - Possible issue with top cola bud

    Hey, first time grower here looking for some help with an issue I'm having. Btw I only got this far from all the great posts on this website so thanks for all the great info so far! What Strain is it? NL Auto Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Mostly Indica How Many Plants? 1...
  3. E

    Sick BlueBerry Haze plant, need help please

    This single Blueberry Haze plant has been growing in a 8x8' room for approximately 8 weeks, leaving 4 more weeks for flowering (roughly). All the plants have exhibited weak moments - drooping leaves, discoloring, etc - but have recovered brilliantly with proper correction. This particular plant...
  4. trichomes

    Why would this New Little bud, grow out of the top of this mature bud?

    Why would this NEW LITTLE bud, grow out of the top of this mature bud?
  5. E

    Advice on light deprived side of bud please

    Hi all, I have a bud that was in the back of my grow tent and one side of the bud was pushed up against the grow tent wall keeping it from getting any light. Now I have one side that is mostly white. I've since harvested some of the mature buds and re-positioned the bud so the light deprived...
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