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Advice on light deprived side of bud please


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Hi all,

I have a bud that was in the back of my grow tent and one side of the bud was pushed up against the grow tent wall keeping it from getting any light. Now I have one side that is mostly white. I've since harvested some of the mature buds and re-positioned the bud so the light deprived side is facing the light...but am not sure if I should be concerned about it and just let it go till it looks healthy or what...anyone ever have to deal with anything like this?

Any advice would be appreciated! 420 Magazine ®


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I rotate all my plants 1/4 turn daily so that every part of the plants enjoys the light. I have heard some say that they just trim the growth off the dim side if they can't rotate them so that the energy is focused just in the lighted bud area, but I feel that is a waste of good bud and space.


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i would say that if your already harvesting then its probably too late to do anything =(
my reccomendation is to harvest what you can then kill the plant...in the weeks your sat waiting and hoping something will happen, you could have vegged a new plant in its place and almost be ready to flip to flower. =)


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I say if its important to you then let it flower out and mature as you like it. I've read that ppl harvest there plant 2x. Meaning they will harvest the top half of the plant then let it flower for another week or 2 and then harvest the lower half. I have a huge bushy plant growing now and I may have to do the same thing. You can some times come away with a lot more by doing so.
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