GigaGrew's SuperSkunk Auto - 600W HPS - Biobiz - Perlite - Flood & Drain (ish)


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OK guys, here is my 2nd attempt at a journal for this grow.
This is not a combined journal with Sense Amelia, a combined grow will be next. she is reconverting me back to regulars and we will be growing 2 landrace and a hybrid =)

So what we have here.
Tent grow - 600w dual spec HPS - supplemental CFLs if needed, grown in 24 litres of perlite that is drenched every day in mild bio bizz liquid.
and the guests currently staying in the hotel are...
4 x Sweet tooth (in flower and almost ready to be harvested
1x runt (its either a sweet tooth or il diavolo, its had a rough life, managed to survive the repot from soil to perlite, but when its pot mates dried up and died this one survived, I pulled it out to abandon it, then had 2nd thoughts and am growing it in a sherry glass)
4 x Il Diavolo (soaked on 24-aug, in the green planters)
10 x Superskunk autos from white label (also soaked on 24th.)
Re: GiGaBaNE's 'SuperSkunk Auto' - 600w hps - biobiz - perlite - flood and drain (ish

subd as always my friend,

loving the tent, its what id go for if i had the cash, someone i know asked me about my spare room, he dont know i grow but he grows and got busted with 200plants and get banged up for 12months, he questioned me about my spare room and if i would think about setting up a grow room, he said he would supply the tent and everything else and split the harvest 50-50, he says he pulls between 800 and £1000 per plant and wants to just grow 20 plants at a time,
i told him id think about it but i think its a huge risk, he says he would have nothing to do with it and just supply everything i need, he says he got a big tent that would take up 1/4 of my spare room, so its a pretty big tent by the sounds of it.

i just think its a big risk, at the moment im growing my own and doing ok, but bringing someone else in who just got released from the secure location he was forced to live in, so ill probably turn him down, i need to think about myself and my own plans, so to much of a risk,

your grows looking good, you certainly got everything you need to have a good go at it, should give some very nice results,
Re: GiGaBaNE's 'SuperSkunk Auto' - 600w hps - biobiz - perlite - flood and drain (ish

tent is 2.4 x 2.4 and 2m tall. im only using a small part of it for growing at the moment. when im finished, its capable of 4kw HPS and has about 7 cubic meters of growing capacity. if I get some 500g/sqm strains then in the hands of an expert I think my tent could average a kilo a month!

I have no intention of trying yet however. before my operation gets serious, ill be looking to move the tent to a new location, super insulate the room the tent is in to prevent HPS thermal hotspots from the sky, and will be designing or buying a air to water heat exchanger to cool the hot air via water through the drains. it is my intention that with a thermal camera, my grow locations remain at a steady 21-22 C from the outside. I must also figure a way to generate and store about 70 amps per day to be invisible on the electric grid, ive also got to consider soundproofing as all this equipment is bound to be pumping up the decibels.

So for now, im just using 1 600w and taking it easy till my funds recharge. the tent was £500 and the hps and air systems cost another £500. cant wait till this current crop is done, im having to purchase smoke at the moment and at prices that allow me no wiggle room =(

Also, I would stay the hell away from that sort of deal my friend. you take all the risks and only get a portion of the profits. your a great grower and you don't need anyone to supply you anything. we have already discussed a way for you to convert your surplus into grow equipment, you just need to holler ;)

I love the idea of an all white grow, I should really be using PH equipment and all that, but I don't see the point in buying cheap and cant afford the good stuff yet, so im just goint to run a few litres of solution through every day. im just doing 15 litres at a time, putting in 15ml of grow and 5 ml of alg a mix and hygrozyme, so its pretty weak. just gonna see how it goes.
Re: GiGaBaNE's 'SuperSkunk Auto' - 600w hps - biobiz - perlite - flood and drain (ish

i agree its to much of a risk, plus im not growing for profit im growing for myself, i know this person would be selling it on so that brings its own problems, it would mean i could expand and have a bigger grow space but i could do that on my own with just getting another light,
i need to set up a veg room so i can stagger harvests so im saving up for another 400watt light, i want to try led's but their pretty pricey, i will try one at some point but ill get a veg room set up so i can keep one room in flower which will allow me to harvets plants every 2 or 3 weeks, i dont need to be growing lots of bud but i could do with a veg room as i always run out of room in the small cupboard i use for seedlings and clones, i cant move them into the hps room until my plants have finished flowering so could do with getting another light to veg the plants while the flowering plants are finishing off,

i got lots of cfls so i can set up a room with them for now, but ill add another hid at some point then see if i can save up for the led.

you certainly got a nice set up which should help you reach your goals, the temps are an issue though and not only from above, i was speaking with someone the other day and he said people are driving round with thermal vision goggles and checking houses for hot rooms, then they go round a rob the place for the plants, so you are fighting 2 fronts, its why the only people that know i grow are on this site, i cant take risk which im sure you can understand.
Re: GiGaBaNE's 'SuperSkunk Auto' - 600w hps - biobiz - perlite - flood and drain (ish

totally agree my friend, its rough out there. I keep my little operation hush hush for the most part, only a few key people know the details and no one knows where I grow, I try to keep a very small window of time where I have more than just a bit of personal on me too. so if someone does take an interest, then they wont find much worth the effort, lol. hopefully in the near future you also will be able to grow at arms reach from your kids to relieve some of the risk ;)
Re: GiGaBaNE's 'SuperSkunk Auto' - 600w hps - biobiz - perlite - flood and drain (ish

what is that funny looking, squigly, "L" shaped symbol in front of "500" ? sorry I'm rusty on Metric system and foreign symbols, thank you for a great share/thread!:thumb:

Reminds me of a thread I read once somewhere... ;) :)
Re: GiGaBaNE's 'SuperSkunk Auto' - 600w hps - biobiz - perlite - flood and drain (ish

Hey Giga, definitely subbed. Your set up looks nice.
On the note of growing with someone else Dpaul. Definitely not worth it. Privacy is a must, especially in UK.

Not sure if anyone else has found this info but here's what I found out recently.

Go to Google and search for sentencing guidlines for judges (relating to cannabis production). What I found is that as long as you keep no of plants to nine or less and your ok. Only likely to get maximum of comunity service.

Lots of info online if you find the right pages. So nine is the magic number it seems. I will state their are other variables listed such as yeild amounts etc. Also C02 production is a no-no as shifts you up the ladder, as it were.

To much info for me to go into in detail but do the search and have a read its very interesting. Seeing what the judges are now supposed to go by.
Re: GiGaBaNE's 'SuperSkunk Auto' - 600w hps - biobiz - perlite - flood and drain (ish

Your tent is neat. i only hope to have something like this one day. good work gigabane
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