2nd Grow - 2xKush & 2xDiesel Autos - 600W LED & 200-600W HPS - CocoCoir


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Hi all,

Getting ready for the next grow. Below is what I will be using. I'll probably run the autos on 18/6.

Will be germinating the seeds in jiffy pots then transplanting jiffypots with seedling directly into grow medium.

Strain I'll be growing:

Medium: 70% Coco to 30% Perlite (Coco Perlite)

FloraNova Grow (veg)
Grotek Cal-Mac (veg and flower??)
FloraNova Bloom (flower)
Nulife Weight Plus (flower)
FlairformBudstorm (flower)
Molasses (flush for harvest)

Have yet to work out a schedule, will start at 1/4 strength for seedlings then slowly increase throughout the stages of the plants growth cycle.

Pots: 4 x 19L SmartPots

Meters & Measurement:
Bluelab pH Pen
Ordering a PPM meter once I type this.

120x120x200cm (no name brand)

Lights: 1 x 200W GrowLush LED, 1 x 400W LED Growlush LED (both LEDs are full spectrum), 1 x HPS with Digital adjustable Ballast (200-600W + super)

Outlet Fan:
Duct: 100MM
Airflow: 160/220 (M3/H)
Power: 28W
Speed: 2 Speed 2500RPM
Pressure: 180Pa
Noise: 31dB

Carbon Filter
100mm x 300mm
Maximum airflow 340 m³/h

Inlet fan:
100mm Inline Fan
85 m3/hr airflow
15 watt/hr power usage

Oscillating Fans in tent
1 x Small clip on 2 speed, 1 x Medium floor standing 3 speed

Mitsubishi Oasis MJ-E16VX

Any advice and suggestions are appreciated.
re: 2nd Grow - 2xKush & 2xDiesel Autos - 600W LED & 200-600W HPS - CocoCoir

Off into the hot water closet they go.
2nd Grow - 2xKush & 2xDiesel Autos - 600W LED & 200-600W HPS - CocoCoir

Nothing to really update on. Checked the seeds (seedlings) earlier. They have all cracked open and have a good root about 1-2cm long.

Humidity in the container must be at 100% and its around 38-42 degree in there too so thats seems like an optimal growing environment for sprouting seeds. Ive been sprinkling water on them.

Once the first leaves pop up I will transplant into the grow bags.
I have read lots of folks dont like this stage of the grow because its slow and not very exciting but I love it. The start of life!

Agreed. Its pretty boring to be honest to me but also starting the life and keeping it alive through parts of life (feeding, light, air) right until the end its really satisfying.
Early stages always make me impatient cause a sprouting seed is out of your control. It will always sprout when its read to. I am running into that issue in my journal currently. Lmao!

Yeh 3 of the 4 sprouted and I have transplanted them. Hopefully #4 is cracked once I get home :-D
2nd Grow - 2xKush & 2xDiesel Autos - 600W LED & 200-600W HPS - CocoCoir

The forth seed that hadn't sprouted is now gone, I accidentally poured it down the sink with the water is was sitting it....
What lighting do you guys reckon I should be using for the seedlings?

I'm just using the 200w LED about 2foot away from them at the moment.
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