1. A

    Will they ever finish?

    I'll first apologize for not keeping an online journal; I've been paranoid to post or even take photos never mind post the pics. I'm sort of over that now, BUT my first question is should I be concerned about meta-data in the pictures? Forgive me for not including this grows' full background...
  2. B

    Why do you have to wait till they snap

    I Just want to get an understanding, why do you have to wait till the branch snaps before we can put our plants into cure. I have waited till the limbs snap, the buds are to dry for me, I put them back in the jar and put orange peels in for 2-6hrs it brings them back, too much work. On the...
  3. W

    Weird bud coming out of a leaf

    Have a kush plant one of my "extra's" (little plants that i never put in large pots but couldn't bring myself to kill) and it wound up with a bud growing out of the center of one of the leaves
  4. rillos

    Has anybody seen this before?

    I got a fan leaf with a bud growing on the stem.
  5. N

    Auto issue on first ever grow

    My first grow, and it is.... interesting. I am growing 3 autos, 2 Tangerine Dreams and 1 Blueberry. The 2 TDs have had some weird growth, especially TD1 now in flower, but they are both producing bud, even with a weird mutation on one. The issue I am having is on the Blueberry. I'm on day...
  6. I

    What happened to this bud?

    who thinks its ok to sell shit like this ?
  7. G

    The stoke of the harvest!

    How's my house smell? I got a 5 foot flowering plant that I thought was an Auto in full bloom, I have 400 grams of wet bud hanging to dry, and I am brewing up 5 oz of trim in a crock pot full of cannabutter! OMG this may be the best smell in the world! Man this grow was awesome! Simple T5...
  8. S

    Canna oil

    I have a question regarding the making of canna oil. I had some trim given to me which I decarbed and then processed in the magical butter machine following instructions. The trim was old and the end result was not very strong. My question is this. I now have some good bud I grew in the...
  9. Stunned

    Greetz all

    Looks like a great community. Have already started my first grow 1 X Granddaddy Purp 1 X Girl Scout Cookies growing in pure coco Nutes General Hydro Performance Pack with sup calmag and Adv Nut Bud Factor X Lighting Vipar Spectra Reflector 600 Watt I know I'll have lots of questions Cheers
  10. Mosspb


    Hello all, I was working at a very sizeable operation this week, and was given about 3 pounds of wet clippings. The clippings are from and automated trimmer, and at the consistency of lawn mower clippings. These clippings are all from sugar leaves or directly from the bud itself so they're...
  11. P

    Help! Are these thicker white pistils normal?

    I'm doing a VERY low-tech, novice closet grow and I have one surviving plant (total n00b). Soil growing, cheap Amazon light, no ph testing etc. A few days ago I noticed one bud on my plant is growing these thicker white pistils as shown in this photo: Here is another bud from the same...
  12. V

    Am I curing correctly?

    Bud hang dried for 4 and a half days (inside closet, no fan, humidistat at 50%) where it felt crispy on outside and a little moist on inside. I clipped them all from stem and put into a wide mouthed mason jar with a gyro meter. It started at 60 humidity in jar and within 1-2 hours it was at...
  13. A

    Blueberry, Golden Goat, Qleaner & Blue Dream In Soil PRO MIX Sea Of Green #1

    :welcome: Welcome to my first journal. My setup might be a bit different than most but I find It works. CURRENTLY ADDING TO JOURNAL. My state Alaska - Legal Limit 3 babies and 3 adults per person 21 years of age or older in your home. My limit is 9 and 9. Made from clones bought in a store...
  14. saynotomid

    First Grow With LED & HPS - Bag Seeds

    What's green with everybody. I've being waiting to start this didn't want to jinks anything but hey better late then never. Well let's start with Stats Viparspectra 300w 135 actual draw 150w HPS Sun System grow light 3 CFL bulbs 100w 24 actual draw Apollo 2 x 4 x 5 tent Fox Farm Ocean Forest...
  15. Z

    Nutrient supplements

    I was wondering, are advanced nutrients supplements like bud candy, overdrive, big bud, etc. worth purchasing and putting into your line up? or is it just a waste of money?
  16. S

    Harvesting too late when the plant's no longer stinky?

    Hi guys, I had a marijuana plant that I grew outdoors and it would stink up the entire upstairs of the house in about 15 minutes if you brought it in inside. I ended up bringing it back in the house because of the winter and after a few weeks of doing this I noticed two things: a) The plant...
  17. andIhalped

    Trim preferences - How & why?

    Starting this due to the discussion in NOTM contest (where it doesn't belong). So, how do you like yr bud trimmed? Feel free to post photos of how you like to your bud trimmed. I'll start: I generally like a trim that's a bit shaggy w/ plenty of frost leaves. Besides being an interesting...
  18. T

    Strange plant!

    I have afghan kush ( in veg 2 week ) it's about 20 cm tall she stops grow and show her sex and tern all plant to small bud ? Why she turn to bud too early? I have 2 hps bulbs 400 watts, smart pot - mixed soil and watering day after day and lights 18/6
  19. M


    Hi, New here to the site just as new as i am to growing bud. Here for some advice and help with my grow as a first time grower. Mr A Bud
  20. I

    advice needed for storing bud

    I want to store my bud for a few months,what do people suggest is the best way,the bud is for medication and not getting high,and should i dry it out first ?