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  1. Bud room ants

    Bud room ants

    Ants - 1 or two
  2. Green thumb lou

    Crown Royale

    Looking yummy
  3. DarionOzb

    Water On Bud And Sugar Leaves

    Hello everyone. Im flushing my plants right now and I accidentally hit the shower faucet and some water came out of the shower head onto my plant. It got all over the sugar leaves and bud. Not a lot. But enough to make me worry. It literally just happened like 30 seconds ago. Just...
  4. IMG_20200208_130200.jpg


    Seedsman Bruce banger ladies and gents
  5. Cheese


    Wk 5/6
  6. received_736380713495172.jpeg


    White Widow #1 clone harvest day.
  7. received_756326618128373.jpeg


    Bud porn. Jack Herrer 5 weeks since flip.
  8. B

    Will my buds fatten up?

    Hey guys, I’m about week 8 and in flowering stage with my auto Daiquiri Limes. I’m adding biobizz nutes. It’s my first grow so just looking for a bit of advice! One of my girls is in 50/50 soil and coco and seems to be doing a lot better than my other two (100% coco) which are pretty stunted...
  9. Buddha cheese  main scissors.jpg

    Buddha cheese main scissors.jpg

    The main cola after harvest with a size comparison
  10. 3 Peas in a Pod

    3 Peas in a Pod

    You can check her growth out in the link below https://www.420magazine.com/community/threads/corinne420%E2%80%99s-grow-journal-the-odd-plant-that-could-2019.459696/
  11. Purple Deliciousness

    Purple Deliciousness

    My little odd plant definitely has turned into something so beautiful. A fellow member suggested I put this pic in the gallery. You can check out her growth in the link below. https://www.420magazine.com/community/threads/corinne420%E2%80%99s-grow-journal-the-odd-plant-that-could-2019.459696/
  12. F0F7BC58-B312-488B-A125-20F0E69CB69B.jpeg


  13. 6EBD0AEC-94B9-46F3-BBE5-2D9D23CE0307.jpeg


    Almost there
  14. D8B5FFA1-CA28-42FD-A741-80E4C53C2EFE.jpeg


    Sour disel
  15. 6006CDC2-0349-416A-9EA1-A5B9699819AB.jpeg


    Is it time
  16. 5ADA27BE-B107-44D9-97CD-EDAC8BD6AA00.jpeg


    Harvest time?
  17. A2E1684D-DF99-4994-B01E-8EEE40067A3C.jpeg


    9 weeks
  18. 57FAA0E6-8CB6-4960-BAA3-8F8D6D5B5806.jpeg


    Is it ready
  19. Boombarta

    Any help please

    Is this any where near harvest
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