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    Dinafem Dinamed CBD auto
  2. Mw


  3. Bbl


  4. WW


  5. Close-up of Bubblelicious

    Close-up of Bubblelicious

    Day 44 of 12/12
  6. Somango XXL Bud

    Somango XXL Bud

  7. Somango XXL Bud

    Somango XXL Bud

  8. Wonder Woman bud

    Wonder Woman bud

  9. Wonder Woman bud

    Wonder Woman bud

  10. Bubblelicious bud

    Bubblelicious bud

  11. Bubblelicious bud

    Bubblelicious bud

  12. Maui Waui bud

    Maui Waui bud

  13. Maui Waui bud

    Maui Waui bud

  14. Momma’s Kitchen

    Durban Poison

    Has anyone had finicky Durban Poision? Some plants from the beginning looked like they were dying, others grew strong. However all the buds look good so far... so odd. Anyone else had that experience? I don’t like the supplier I got them from. Genetics? Hang on for pictures
  15. IMG_1973.JPG


    Shiva Skunk... Oozin' loveliness! W5B, indoor, 1000W, soil, well water/PH'ed, Medi One, Big Bud Nutrients
  16. Momma’s Kitchen


    Hey guys, I have a couple Blueberry (F) and they are ... ok. I heard such great things about them but the buds that are forming are they aren't full looking. They are wispy looking. Any advice? No evidence of any bugs, or nutrients issues. The plant looks good other than the buds look ... empty...
  17. A

    Will they ever finish?

    I'll first apologize for not keeping an online journal; I've been paranoid to post or even take photos never mind post the pics. I'm sort of over that now, BUT my first question is should I be concerned about meta-data in the pictures? Forgive me for not including this grows' full background...
  18. B

    Why do you have to wait till they snap

    I Just want to get an understanding, why do you have to wait till the branch snaps before we can put our plants into cure. I have waited till the limbs snap, the buds are to dry for me, I put them back in the jar and put orange peels in for 2-6hrs it brings them back, too much work. On the...
  19. W

    Weird bud coming out of a leaf

    Have a kush plant one of my "extra's" (little plants that i never put in large pots but couldn't bring myself to kill) and it wound up with a bud growing out of the center of one of the leaves
  20. rillos

    Has anybody seen this before?

    I got a fan leaf with a bud growing on the stem.