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    1 week until harvesting

    sweet seeds - Cream Caramel autoflower. Grown outside in Spain. I am thinking of harvesting these plants in the next week or so because the tricks are going from cloudy to brown so should be a good stoner hit.
  2. Wonder Woman is Ready

    Wonder Woman is Ready

    Last week's teaster
  3. 20180712_094842.jpg


    Dinafem Dinamed CBD auto
  4. Mw


  5. Bbl


  6. WW


  7. Close-up of Bubblelicious

    Close-up of Bubblelicious

    Day 44 of 12/12
  8. Somango XXL Bud

    Somango XXL Bud

  9. Somango XXL Bud

    Somango XXL Bud

  10. Wonder Woman bud

    Wonder Woman bud

  11. Wonder Woman bud

    Wonder Woman bud

  12. Bubblelicious bud

    Bubblelicious bud

  13. Bubblelicious bud

    Bubblelicious bud

  14. Maui Waui bud

    Maui Waui bud

  15. Maui Waui bud

    Maui Waui bud

  16. EE17D66C-5B5D-4D81-B6FE-B3B35040F674.jpeg


    Durban Poison Bud, this plant was odd from beginning to end. I took down the top half and left the bottom to finish a little more.
  17. DE29E53C-57EB-46DF-8BBE-4860ACA8EDB3.jpeg


    Bud W5, indoor, well water PH, 5gallon, She is sleeping... well about to wake up
  18. Momma’s Kitchen

    Durban Poison

    Has anyone had finicky Durban Poision? Some plants from the beginning looked like they were dying, others grew strong. However all the buds look good so far... so odd. Anyone else had that experience? I don’t like the supplier I got them from. Genetics? Hang on for pictures
  19. IMG_1973.JPG


    Shiva Skunk... Oozin' loveliness! W5B, indoor, 1000W, soil, well water/PH'ed, Medi One, Big Bud Nutrients
  20. Momma’s Kitchen


    Hey guys, I have a couple Blueberry (F) and they are ... ok. I heard such great things about them but the buds that are forming are they aren't full looking. They are wispy looking. Any advice? No evidence of any bugs, or nutrients issues. The plant looks good other than the buds look ... empty...