1. TriangleCheese

    Trianglecheese makes tasty dabs: Join me with your interesting extracts

    Greetings fellow growers, I love the feeling when I hit something really hard and tasty like a fine extract. I love smoking nugs but extracts have always been my first choice. I had Blue Gelato 41 and Pink Kush on my last grow and both strains turned out pretty amazing. My Pink Kush plant...
  2. G

    Need help with a unique extract

    Hello again 420 Mag community. First off I want to apologize if this information is readily available because I have searched high and low for it (pun intended) and had no luck. It seems that shatter made from old school hash takes on a taste that I am not too fond of. The quality is totally...
  3. B

    My introduction

    Hello! Thank you for reading. I am new to the site. I wanted to share a little about me and my relationship with 420. I was a grower for almost 4 years. I had a small closet grow in my apartment first, then a house. I want to clarify that I grew for myself. I did not sell my fruits. If anything...
  4. mrresi

    Can you smoke Cannabutter/Budder?

    I've see some videos on youtube of people smoking some budder out of their bong (Mainly Hashbean420), but when I do a google everyones like "ARE YOU F*CKING STUPID? YOU CAN'T SMOKE BUTTER RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE". SO anyways, can I actually smoke budder? What does it taste like? How harsh is it...
  5. C

    Steps to making butter

    Hello! So I know there are a million of these but I didn't see one exactly the same as mine down there so I decided I'd add mine and if I can find my brownie recipie (somehow lost it) I will add that too! What you need: -1/2 oz. of finely ground weed (better the bud the better the...
  6. Aqua Lab Tech

    Concentrate Bowl - Smoking Demo

    MK-Ultra 120 µ -1º, water-hash being smoked in the Aqua Lab Tecnologies - R1 Concentrate Bowl. YouTube - R1 Concentrate Bowl Aqua Lab Tech
  7. Smokin Moose

    Creme De La Creme Cannabis Photos

    I invite all members to post their favourite bud or plant shot in this thread. I am after your favourite image, that you feel best represents your love of the plant, or a personal growing achievement. I will start this thread with an image that is my most special pic. Please add ONE image each...
  8. NoDirtWeed4Me

    Budder Instructions?

    Anyone have any ideas on how it's made? I keep on hearing about it and in a few months I am going to have alot of bud and a shitload of trim, so I would love to give this stuff a shot. :peace:
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