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Hello! Thank you for reading. I am new to the site. I wanted to share a little about me and my relationship with 420. I was a grower for almost 4 years. I had a small closet grow in my apartment first, then a house. I want to clarify that I grew for myself. I did not sell my fruits. If anything I gave it away as one should, to their pals. I grew so that I could treat myself without taking any narcotics. I was shot in the face due to a set up over some green. I lost my left eye. I was put on a lot of pain killers that made me moody, sick and constipated. I wanted a different alternative. Something more natural. I was always a smoker. However, when I began to grow. My passion for this plant grew. I became more educated on it's dynamic use and most importantly I became an avid believer that this plant is a true miracle plant. I do not wish to call it a drug. A drug is something that has a negative side effect. The only negative side effect, in my experience. Which I can say about cannabis, is that it can make one lose motivation and give one a little more sense of apathy. Everything else is based on the individual and their relationship to their environment as well as the plant. Enough philosophy. Back to brass tax. So. I am on here mostly to learn. I am trying to perfect my b.h.o extractions. For some, I need a vacuum pump and chamber for purging. To others water or just heat in small increments? Who knows? But what I do know is that concentrates are dangerous and I have had many runs, some better than others. I use collibri or zero impurities 5X butane. I have a pancake grill I use to purge because I have yet bought a rotary pump or chamber for vacuum purging. I have friends in the west coast that swear that I do not need it, but I am beginning to think differently. This is where the forums come into play...I can ingest or smoke the oil and I am content. I do not have much to work with these days since I am still battling the battle with my case over the 6 plants that I had in my closet nearly 2 years ago. Thus, I am on a tight budget in all aspects. I LOVE TO DABB. DABB DABB. I love to Vape and love anything to do with the making of tinctures. If you read this, please guide me and tell me where I can go to learn about what I have just mentioned. Thank you for your time! I hope everyone has a happy 420 wherever they are! :thanks:

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