1. N

    Thoughts on using a coffee vacuum canister for degassing/purging?

    What are your thoughts? I know vacuum ovens are the industry standard, but I'm not dropping that kind of money for just my personal use. Thanks, let's try keep it civil. here is a link to one...
  2. TriangleCheese

    Trianglecheese makes tasty dabs: Join me with your interesting extracts

    Greetings fellow growers, I love the feeling when I hit something really hard and tasty like a fine extract. I love smoking nugs but extracts have always been my first choice. I had Blue Gelato 41 and Pink Kush on my last grow and both strains turned out pretty amazing. My Pink Kush plant...
  3. BG41 BHO.JPG

    BG41 BHO.JPG

  4. Blue Gelato 41 BHO Extraction.gif

    Blue Gelato 41 BHO Extraction.gif

    That is a nug run with my BG41. Amazing clear color.
  5. Boptang bho nug run

    Boptang bho nug run

    Smelling of ripe orange with a back note of funk. Very unique.
  6. 20180817_193149.jpg


    My new Nectar Collector and some amazing THC-A diamonds in terp sauce
  7. D

    First time BHO questions

    So my first time making bho I read alot and decided on making my own extractor I used 2"*4' stainless steel open blaster made myself I packed with fresh bud no trim then covered both end and put in the freezer with the butane overnight next morning I took it out and put it in a dry ice/91%...
  8. D

    New to the forum world

    Hey everyone! I've been lurking for a while, but decided it was finally time to get involved and say hi! As you can all probably tell from my username, I'm intrigued by the various methods of extraction and look forward to learning even more from the community! I've only tried BHO extraction...
  9. S

    Concentrate news?

    :helpsmilie: Has anybody heard of any movement with the Concentrate ban? Ive not been doing great bc I cant afford to smoke the amount of flower I need, I only smoke until I feel the first effects, then force myself to stop, bc it has to last... even doing it this way I end up running out early...
  10. T

    Lets Talk BHO! Extracting Medicine!

    Hello 420 mag! I was just pondering to myself why 420 doesn't have much information about BHO or much on any extractions at all! This is a website to increase cannabis awareness and BHO is basically the newest and most potent medicine yet! Other cannabis forum websites are discussing many forms...
  11. G

    Extract-Liquid Review EjMix VS VapeurExtract

    Hey All, Been here for a long time just never really posted anything. So i did a review on my down time and decided to let you all know what I found out. Vaproizers aren't a new thing on the market, it isn't guranateed as to how safe they are BUT we can usually tell by the 3rd day of...
  12. D

    Butane Free Process To Blow Wax! Where Has This Been - Opinions?

    I've been so tired of smoking wax and getting that butane cough & taste that I decided to google a way to blow wax without the butane. I came across this company called Kleen Xtract, has anyone heard of it? If so, what are your thoughts & honest opinion? I decided to order their smallest size (a...
  13. O

    Need help cleaning BHO!

    Hey guys! First 420 mag post! Lol. Well, just coming on here for a little help. I recently bought some bho off of a friend of mine's "caregiver" and the thing was still full with butane. I decided to try and purge it more by letting it purge on a glass Pyrex dish using a torch. I got it down to...
  14. B

    My introduction

    Hello! Thank you for reading. I am new to the site. I wanted to share a little about me and my relationship with 420. I was a grower for almost 4 years. I had a small closet grow in my apartment first, then a house. I want to clarify that I grew for myself. I did not sell my fruits. If anything...
  15. EzExtractions

    ISO Extraction Journal

    Sup guys gonna be documenting some of my latest ISO Oil Extractions here , will have tons of pictures so feel free to stop by and say whats up and drool at the golden goodness . Strain: Outdoor Blue Cheese Weight: 4.4g Return Weight: 0.8g Return Percentage: 19% Number of Washes: 8 Wash...
  16. CaliPho3niX

    Hash oil, QWISO or BHO, mixed with honey in capsules?

    So I'm hoping maybe someone in these forums might have some personal experience with this, I've already tried searching the web as well as 420Mag posts and can't find a mention in the last 2-3 years. A local dispensary here sells these "wicked hash oil" capsules which are quite a bit more...
  17. Dr.Valentin

    Purging Cannabis Oil (Homemade Hand-Pump)

    First You will need to know how to make BHO and after you're done , you will whip it and then put it in a parchement paper and put it in the oven at 170F degrees so it will be in a molten state the next step will be to purge it in a vacuum chamber that you can build with a mityvac brake bleeder...
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