Thoughts on using a coffee vacuum canister for degassing/purging?


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What are your thoughts?
I know vacuum ovens are the industry standard, but I'm not dropping that kind of money for just my personal use.

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here is a link to one

@nay01, if it's money your trying to save, try the vacuum bags from walmart or elsewhere, they store neatly in tight spaces and the cost is less than the canaster. I personally don't know of anyone using a vacuum oven, those guys cost thousands of dollars.
Thanks, let's try keep it civil.
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Good luck with your purchase and how about getting back with your review of the product.

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i use a vaccum packer that uses a specialized reusable glass style fridge container with a vacuum top. you can purge multiple times with it. it also works with the bags for cob curing etc.

we use the container for gas purging bho and other things .... won't recommend with ether if that is what you are up to. yes i know it can be used that way. the machine exhausts to air and can pose dangers depending on your purge gas.

if determined use outdoor unless safe off gas.
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