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Hello 420 mag!
I was just pondering to myself why 420 doesn't have much information about BHO or much on any extractions at all! This is a website to increase cannabis awareness and BHO is basically the newest and most potent medicine yet! Other cannabis forum websites are discussing many forms, topics, processes and everything from cooking to dosing. Although it can be dangerous to extract, I feel that the public should be made aware of these new products. Patients all around the world are turning to concentrates for more potent and effective medicine, so i think it should be very helpful. When it comes to concentrates there are lots of terms and information and many patients are lost in an array of words. I want this thread to help inform the public about bho, being that this is a cannabis awareness site. My experience with bho has been tremendous. Much more potent and healthier (if processed correctly) then any other type of cannabis. I can discuss only some of the terms but the list goes on and on. So to start out, there are many kinds of BHO (Butane honey Oil). These different finishes give you the different consistencies and are the results of certain temperature throughout the extraction. This barely even scratches the surface! So I would like for users to post about their experiences with bho and for users to ask all the questions they want. This is not to be a forum on how to extract bho (unless 420 allows) but just to inform others. BHO is the future of the cannnabis industry. :Namaste:

Happy growing and stay medicated!
I had a really nice oil rig but my girlfriends cat knocked it off the balcony so I haven't made or smoked oil in months. I used to make it with 7x refined butane (can't remember the brand, it had to do with a snake or something) that I read was the best and the glass thing they sell at grow and head shops and used sugar leaf blown into a crockpot on med outside far from my house. I mixed it and heated it well enough to get almost all if not all the butane out. I would put it in the freezer to break it up easier before dabbing. I've never had oil from any of the local dispensaries but I would like to if I buy another oil pipe to see if it's better then mine
This is from the 420 posting guidelines-
Discussions about making butane hash oil aka BHO are prohibited.

We can talk about BHO- just not trading info on how to make it. Definitely explains some of the reason you aren't finding many threads here on it. Probably safety issues, though I'm not sure. I assume that 420 doesn't want to be hosting instructions which are then used by someone who manages to blow themself up. It would be nice if there was more cannabis extract info here though.
Here's some I made yesterday: I got back 9.8% on it. Chinese Jack/Mendo purps mix. I don't smoke it, but some of my fiends love the stuff so I make it for them.

thank you very much for the replies! I understand why 420 is not letting people post about the process which is very smart. If 420 can not provide the info for patient to make safe medicine can someone recommend a good site. I have researched many sites so feel free to just add any i'm sure i have visited them. i really appreciate the info iwltfum on your extraction. If 420 allows it, i would love for other extract artist to post some of their work! if purge times and other processing info cant be exchanged, then how about some return info! Looking forward to many more great post! :420::goodjob:
Although I both understand and respect the 420 policy on this matter, it still saddens me that there is one subject I can't learn how to do this process safe from reading my all-time favourite forum. But it sure is dangerous folks, so please don't try this at home - literally - do it outside if you must :) Thanks for the links folks
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