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Getting a really late start on this one... starting week 4 of bloom.


-SnowWreck (snowcap x trainwreck)
- 9-10 weeks
-my pheno has a wild smell/taste to it: I can only describe it as mtn dew with a drop or two of pine sap in it.

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
-24 days into bloom as of today

Indoor or outdoor?

Soil or Hydro?
-DWC sterile 6 gallon res

Size of light?
-1000w HPS for each plant

Is it aircooled?
-Open air reflectors

Temp of Room/cab?

RH of Room/cab?

PH of media or res?
-Starts out at 5.8 every day, rises to 6.2 over night

Any Pests ?
-no pests or diseases

How often are you watering?
-topping the res off every day

Type and strength of ferts used?
-GH three part according to their own feed chart +calmag, yucca extract (I make my own bottles of it), nitrogen boost and multi-zen from house and garden, liquid kool bloom, MOAB, bud-xl from house and garden
-1ml/g h2o2 with all fresh water
-currently 425ppm

Ok. Now for a quick catch up:
I planted these two plants out of my ez-cloner 52 days ago. They absolutely took off right away. I've never seen growth like that. This is my first DWC culture set up in three years. I must have been doing something wrong when I did it before because it just took off this time. Not even any transition time from the transplant.

I topped it really early on (in the first week), trimmed it up from the bottom twice during veg and once in very early bloom, super cropped to keep the canopy in check through veg, then moved it in to bloom under a trellis screen at the 28 day mark. I have super cropped only the colas that were really reaching in bloom, but stopped once the plants hit mid bloom (SnowWreck has a tendency to do quite a bit of stretching in early bloom)

In my experience the SnowWreck is a late bloomer (would love to know anybody else's experience with it!). So it took about 6 days to start showing bud development. Hasn't really taken off like I'd hopped, but it's always been a late strain for me so maybe I'm just wanting to rush it. They are only just rounding the bend between early and middle bloom right now so it looks like they have a good 40-50 days to go.

Any suggestions, thoughts, tips, comparisons, ect are always welcome!

I try to get a little scientific with each of my grows, so I'm both learning something new every time (usually it's lots of things that I learn), and because it makes every run different. For this grow the DWC is the question! How will it perform standing up to my coco method? Looking specifically at yield for this trial, but I will be breaking it down to comparisons of growth, density, thc (both "crystal" coverage and effects), and weight
(You can find a journal recording my coco method here:
Iwltfum's Coco ChinaJack M69 Grow Journal Summer 2015 )

Cheers all,

More pictures:





Looks like there are some fungus gnats living on the hydroton of one of the plants. Maybe from not keeping the water high enough? I was making sure to have 4gallons in there every day but now I'm thinking it should be more like 7 (that's what it took to get the water about 1/2" away from the basket).

Sprayed the hydroton and buckets and larger base stalks with spinosad.
Thanks 420josh! I started from clone with these two. They are 52 days out of the cloner.

EDIT: to clarify, The clones are taken directly from my SnowWreck mom, which was popped from seed about a year ago.
subbed! Wow those buds look great!!! thanks for the tip about the shot glass.:thanks:

Thanks matticusss! Your input will be much appreciated! People calling me and my plants out about certain things I'm doing wrong has helped tremendously so far. :420: is like having a secret growth hormone in your water.

UPDATE on the plants:
Dealing with just the slightest tip burn on them recently even though I'm keeping the fuel at 450PPM. I've changed my watering stye a bit. I was taking 50% of the water out each day and replacing it with fresh fuel, now I'm just adding fresh, diluted fuel to the res. I plan on still completely changing out the res every week, but I think this new method of midweek attention might help with the tip burn. My thought process is that I'm adding too many new PPM's to the mix by replacing 50% of the res with fresh, diluted fuel. I am also sticking with the newly adopted 7gallon fill instead of the 4gallon fill (at least for now). I feel like I can see a noticeable difference over a 36 hour period from changing this. Could be just that they have hit mid bloom in a big way, but I'm sticking with my theory. I don't think it has helped with the gnat situation however, speaking of which:

The fugus gnats have made a reappearance. Slow, but sure. I sprayed the hydroton (until it was throughly soaked to the bottom of the basket this time), the top of the net pot, the bucket and the large main stalks once again with spinosad. We'll see how it works. I've had this bottle of spinosad for a year. I'm almost happy to be using it finally. Or rather, I was happy to be able to just pull it off the shelf instead of having to go buy some.

Cheers all,
UPDATE: Day 35

I have been seeing some explosive bulking in the past two or three days. They are starting to shape up just in the way that I wanted them to and exactly a week late, just as suspected.

In the past week:
-Res temps have been pretty stable between 62-66f
-I started lowering the PPM's by about 6% (once I perform the weekly res change, tomorrow, it will be down to around 425ppm)
-pH has been steady between 5.8-6.2
-Room temp has been 63night/79day
-Room humidity has been 77%night(yikes!)/30%day

Still dealing with those gnats although they seemed to be moving very slowly today and it was a little hard to find them in the hydroton. I sprayed for them again today (hydroton/buckets/stalks). Went even harder with my spraying this time. I used twice as much solution than I have before.

Will post week 5 pictures soon
Sorry folks, I'm not going to update this anymore until AFTER the fact when I'll be giving a full update as to how it went from here. I'll still be keeping journal entries, just not posting them until everything is finished.

The dude that posted about hackers scared me a little. Despite the "make my day" law we have here in CO and the massive security measures I have in place to protect my anonymity, I still think posting my flowering cycle on here is a bad idea. I will continue posting my veg cycle here: Iwltfum's Coco ChinaJack M69 Grow Journal Summer 2015
I will also still keep updated journals and pictures of flowering cycles, just won't be posting them until they are finished.

Cheers all,
OK. As promised, here is the debrief (part one):







Everything went pretty well with these ladies. I didn't change a single step in the process from what I had outlined in the original posts. Fungus gnats were always around. My whole grow has root aphids really bad right now, these had them too, but they were far enough along that they were able to finish just fine. I'm a little suspicious that aphids may have caused a decrease in weight, but I'm not sure. Flushed for 8 days.
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