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Hey everyone! I've been lurking for a while, but decided it was finally time to get involved and say hi!

As you can all probably tell from my username, I'm intrigued by the various methods of extraction and look forward to learning even more from the community! I've only tried BHO extraction so far, but after hours of research I'm considering a QWET for my next run. Any tips or recommendations?
Welcome to the forum, i can't give any advise on bho extraction - except: be very careful mate :)
Thanks for the welcome! I'm quite experienced with BHO, but haven't tried QWET yet; similar precautions though. :thumb:
Qwet is not much different than qwiso in my opinion. And if u wash too long you end up with "rso type oil" which imo is way too dirty to dab. I love my blast tube and vac chamber. I'd be way more likely to make rosin than qwet if I wanted to dab without bho. Be safe buddy
Yes they're very similar and I considered QWISO, but I prefer the idea of using a food grade solvent. Planning to do no longer than 30 second washes, maybe less. I've seen some of the failed batches online, basically turns into black sludge! But if I keep the temperatures low and washes fast, I should be able to make some beautiful golden shatter! I would love to press some rosin, but a decent press is expensive and I've been told by many people that yields are much lower than solvent based extractions. QWET seems to be the healthiest, most cost effective method of extraction. Always safe :thumb:
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