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First Grow NL Auto Fem 30W Plus 150W Dual CFL


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Hi all this is my first proper (if you can call it that) grow.

I've been reading lots of journals for a long time but decided to join the forum now its the 20th of april :)

I had alot of pleasure reading alot of peoples grows but one that stood out to me was a person called GreenKittys, i've just read it recently, but that was 2 years ago lots of fun, i even found myself feeling like i was part of the grow! great narrator.

So..lets get some prologue going on.

I have attempted to grow before but it ended badly, for a start i transplanted the autoflower and it pretty much died after 2 week and showed no signs of improvement so i thrown it away, i guess i didn't give it a very good chance to be honest!

However having researched countless hours on the internet i wanted to try again, thinking i was prepared only to realize that there is alot more involved than it looks!

I'm partly growing my own because of the cost of buying.. and also because it's a fun project, also i don't like it when i buy weed that is awful with added chemicles (happens alot where i am in britain) or dealing with shady people.

So anyway i bought 3 seeds from SensiSeeds and they are Northern Lights Automatic Feminized, i am only growing one though just to get the hang of it for now.

Before you go further i want to state that this is not a sophisticated grow, nor am i aiming for massive yields, nor do i want to be the next pablo escobar, it's just a small project.. of course a decent yield would be nice, 10g? (also i don't have alot of money running a house with family)

Ok lets get to it! All advice is welcome, or any comments :) lets ride!

Soil: Normal Potting Soil
Lights: 30W CFL 6400K + 150w Dual spectrum Cfl
Nutrients: None... no idea depends on money.
Water: Tapwater
Fan: 40w desk fan
Carbon filter/extraction: no
Plant pot size: 5L
Grow room: Wardrobe/Closet
Seed: Northern Lights Auto Feminized.


April 9th (The mission starts)

*Placed seed in a glass of tap water and left to soak for 24 hours ( 8 hours into soaking i tapped the seed in the glass and it sank to the bottom)

April 10th (A watched pot never boils)

*Seed removed from water no taproot but slightly cracked, placed in moist paper towel and placed in dark warm room. (approx 21c)

April 11th (Slow signs of progress)

*Checked Seed carefully... has taproot forming, reapplied moisture to the paper towel prior to checking (so i didn't accidently break the taproot) and placed back in dark warm room. (Approx 21c)

April 12th (Ready to pot)

*Happy enough to plant into pot now, after applying abit of moisture to the paper towel so not to rip the taproot the seed was carefully removed and placed into its final pot (5Litre). and in the dark warm room (approx 21c)
Planting seed into the pot

Pot/Soil: 5Litre plant pot, normal gardening potting soil.

Pot has drainage holes at bottom but not very happy, suspect it might need more drainage holes) ...

Prior to putting the seed in the pot full of soil, the soil was watered in the 5litre pot with warm but not hot, tapwater...and left to drain for 30minutes first, then the seed was placed about 1-2cm down in the middle and gently covered with soil.

April 13th (No cigar!)

*Seed has not yet sprouted from the soil.

Drainage was bugging me..decided to get the drill out and drill a few holes into the 5Litre pot, Upon reflexion this was a dumb idea as it may have disturbed the seed!, lets hope the seed thinks it was just a extreme earthquake.
Checked seed by gently removing soil around the edges of the middle with a spoon very carefully, taproot was not damaged so i'm optimistic it will continue to grow ok. :O

I also decided to celotape clingfilm over the top of the 5litre pot and put lots of ventilation holes in the clingfilm with a wooden tooth pick, and placed back into the dark warm room (Approx 21c).

April 14th (We have life)

*Seed is now sprouted and showing signs of life :) i removed the clingfilm and placed it straight under the 30w 6400k CFL


April 15th (Greenage and Cayenne pepper)

Read on the internet that cayenne peppers helps prevent bugs, so i sprinkled cayenne pepper everywhere except the plant.
The seedling has made drastic improvements in 24hours.


April 16th (More soil)

Decided that the cayenne pepper thing was a bad idea, plus i kept sneezing going near the plant haha (not on the plant don't worry) so i decided to add abit more soil over it.
Also i wasn't very happy how low the soil was in the pot :/! Again the seedling has made improvements abit greener, the baby leaves are upright now. (stem is quite purple heard this is ok and normal as it's adapting to its enviroment.

April 17th (More soil more growth)

I decided to add abit of gardening compost /type soil that you buy over the top of the soil because it was bugging me how it seemed to low down in the pot.
The seedling is still only under the 30w cfl right now and its first set of leaves is growing nicely (serrated leaves i think?)


April 18th [Tumbleweed]

Not alot to add, small growth looks ok.. might need to add the bigger 150w dual spectrum light cfl soon.


April 19th [Let there be light]

Well i think it's time to add the 150w dual spectrum light cfl, so i've turned it on inside the wardrobe. also kept the 30w cfl over the plant too.
Also there second set of leaves(in the middle) have started growing nice green colour so far.
i've also got the fan running to help with circulation of air, and heat control, not sure of the heat yet as i dont yet have a temperature gaugue for the wardrobe. but i heard it helps thicken the stem too it's only on low setting though.
feels warm in the air but not hot.

April 20th [Growing slowly but surely]

Progress is being made the middle leaves are looking abit bigger now.




Well there you go guys we're currently on the 7th day , and i plan to keep you all regulary updated, hopefully we can learn from each other or people watching as guests might pick something up like i have over all this time when snooping around :).

Oh yeah i also play the plant music today, 9 songs this was the song list i played to my plant...
celine dion alive
youll be a woman soon
numa numa chinese
like a love song selena gomez
love machine girls aloud
starships niki minaj
written in the stars eric turner 2.0 ***
radioactive within temptation
heyheyheyheyah song

So far so good i think, although i think it's maybe growing abit too slow?.

Comments welcome, even hate comments are welcome but i know you guys more than you know me, your a nice bunch i've had the pleasure of reading you guys like a ghost or ninja in the shadows :p :p.


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It's all money for me, and i'm on a prepayment electric metre, if it doesn't cost much on the electric i probably could add a couple more smaller cfls? i'm going to check the electric meter in a few days and see how much these two have burned i can't see it being too much, also getting the light bulb itself is easy as they aren't very expensive it's finding the actual lamps for them as you see i'm using a desktop lamp for the smaller cfl and they aren't cheap, as for DIY i'm awful at so i don't want to start trying to fit anything that would be complex for me haha.

Also i am considering buying some mylar reflecting sheeting for the inside of the wardrobe to reflect more light?

Also do you think the plant is close enough to the bigger 150w cfl? i'm scared of burning the plant. The reason i have the bigger cfl vertical is because again i daren't try to install any fixtures or mount anything so this for me seemed the safest option, not sure if it makes a huge differnce being verticle or not, but that big light puts out nearly 10k lumens


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A couple things. I had success using store bought led house lights early on. Details on them in my Electric Fruit journal. They're not very expensive and they're low wattage. Another tool you can use for positioning your lights is by downloading a lux meter app if you have a smart phone. You can use the information the app provides along with traditional methods like feeling the heat on your hand to try to prevent stressing your plant.


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It's on a wire cord blackitadam i'm not sure how i can rotate it ? i could perhaps lower the light down and have it facing to the side instead?

Excellent idea with the smart phone lux meter app flowernose definatly going to check it out, will checkout your journal about the leds also thanks :)


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Hi everyone just thought i'd post the progress

So heres the seedling at day 8


The middle leaves have grown quite abit over night, and i can see some little leaves underneath them popping through on both sides in the centre so i'm doing something right! i also gave it a good watering because it looked like it needed it.

also i've been researching differnt ideas for better lighting system, maybe getting some LEDS as flowernose suggested, i'm not sure yet though carefully researching because of money :p i do agree it needs more lights though, thinking of some more hanging ones.

Will try upload a daily picture, if not it will be every 3 days but i take pics everyday either way! :)


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Haha thanks flowernose, i dig your profile picture too, the big question is what came first, the name or the picture? :p

I just took a couple of pictures of my seedling

we're now on DAY 9 :)



As you see quite alot going on she seems to be bulking out abit, and the new leaves that i mentioned are now visable already! and i can see little holes underneath like where more leaves are ready to pop out, also her stem seems abit thicker today.

so far so good, i think, what do you guys think ? :)


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Hi guys so it's been a few days heres some pics.

Here she is on Day 10!;


and here she is on Day 10 topdown view;


so far so good?

here she is today, we're now on Day 11!;


and Day 11 top down view;


So as you see in just 2 days she's making progress, what do you guys think?

I do have a few concerns some of her leafs seem to be lifted up a little, and i'm not sure if that is what i have heard as being regarded as tacoing?

Temps seem fine going by my trusty hand, however i am ordering a temperature and humidity digital gadget in the next few days so i can keep a eye on it better, overall though she seems fine nice and green (camera sometimes makes her look a little lighter) stem is getting thicker and every few hours that go by i see new changes and new leaf-to-be's popping out of the stem.

I just watered her today because the soil was really dry already, but i didnt put too much water in.

What do you guys think about misting the leaves with water? i've read conflicting advice about that.

i've also just temporay lowered her away from the lights a little (one book removed haha) incase she was too hot...

ps: one of the leafs seems a little wonky, not sure if that is normal or not lol
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