Nirvana Blue Mystic Auto Fem CFL Grow


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Hey this is my First auto fem grow, please have a lok and drop some advice
Nirvana Blue mystic auto fem
currently On Day 4
Soil enriched with blood and bone/excellent drainage and airation
10 Litre Bucket filled 95%
5x CFL 24w 6500k 1x cfl 2700k 9000 lumen total going to add 2 more cfl in future
Lights on ambient temp around 21c radiant temp above 30c
lights of 18 to 21c
constant fan blowing lights on
watering small amount every 3 days , spraying lightly in between days
Any advice comments or help will be greatly appreciated
Day 1 :)
Subbed into this mate as have similar grow going.

First time grower myself mate so not 100% sure about everything but thought I'd ask if ur watering ur plants to often! Just lot of advice I have had has been (depending on ur lights time) water once a week or when soil is completely dry!!!! Let the roots breath and stretch for the water at the bottom of the pot!!!! Seedling looking well tho so each to there own I suppose but if there is an alternative way then would love to know about it and if it's caused any problems for anyone else.

Good luck mate and keep the posts coming
Hey thanks for the comment suspect. yeah just really going on what I can see, don't really have a schedule atm . I started it straight into a 10l pot to avoid having to transplant and cause any stress. So it's a bit harder to judge how dry it is . But atm im only doing light waters more often and will slowly increase to bigger watering less often. Thanks for the tip .Good luck with your grow I will check it out
Alright mate, u know that u don't have to go to all that trouble of grow tents and all that stuff, fair enough if ur going to be growing for a while but my set up is very very simple, in my bedroom cupboard, cost less than £85 for everything, 3 plants going amazing, no hassle with humility, temp or anything, 2 little fans and cfl lights, cheap and basic and getting great results so far, just thought I'd leave a comment just in case something like that hasn't crossed ur mind, can send pics and of set up if u want, I was same as u at first wanted grow tent and all that but watched a video on YouTube and didn't look back. Either way good luck mate.
Thanks. Yeah that is what I was going to do but only having a small car.and having to pull it down every 3 months for a house inspection lol I thought I would get something more practical with delivery and I got the spare cash atm.
I think im going to go with the led Package. It should solve any heat issues that could occur in summer it gets 30c upwards allday here. it seems to be the cheapest deal on ebay. And will fit nicely in the corner of my room.
I have 3 plants in a 80X80X180 tent and it's crowded, also the one you're looking at is only 160 cm tall and that could be a problem if your plants get too tall - 30 cm for pot, 60-100 cm for plant and 50 cm room between light and canopy and some free room above the light then 160 cm is gonna be tight.
In retrospect I should have ordered the 120X120X200 and gradually scaled up the light.

I have a 250 w HPS and it works fine, but it's not getting me where I wanna be and I'm saving up for LED and I'm looking at the Mars Hydro Reflector series with the new 5 w LED's.
Hope all is well in your world.

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