NugMan's First Indoor Grow

Great news! :thumb:
ok so im pretty sure the bag seed is going to die, it has some serious wilted leaves and purple stems and brances
any one know whats going on?
pictures after work
yep sounds like a drowning to me or severe nute problem (I know Mr obvious)
sucks tho:(
I will lift my pots after I water, that gives me an idea of the water weight, then u will be able to tell when it's really dry, as it will be really light. How big are your pots and what medium are you using?
3 gals should be plenty big enough for now, and big enough to go the whole way, if you plan on keeping her somewhat small. I would let her dry out and then give her some r.o. Water or distillers water with no nutes for now, if those water types aren't possible, leave your water out for at least 24 hrs to evaporate the chlorine in there. I'm thinking you most likely just over-watered her a bit, which is a VERY common mistake, so don't worry. She should bounce back after that.
As for the nutes, there are plenty of nutes in the soil for now, so your better off giving strait water until they get a little bigger. Good luck, I'll stick around
Ok here we go, I have decided to name her Juvia
She is at some amount of days now i'm sure, i just don't know which one....:tokin:
pretty flowers and real nice pics
Thanks fish cake!
i tied down the last two branches that were mature enough, i wonder when its going to start flowering and stop producing new growth
its flowering now or its ready to as soon as the lights switch! I dont remember if you said you did yet she has preflowers:)
its an auto flower, i know it has pistils but branches keep popping up and its still has a couple of developing nodes
but who knows maybe ill wake up tomorrow and ill see tiny baby buds
my bad:)
never grew an auto so I'am out on this one:)
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