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  • Hey mate, thanks for the heads up.

    Great vid:bravo:, you did well. So many juicy bits in it :) Sound track is a good match too.

    Glad you liked my pic.
    Great work, +rep

    Hey Clowns! Thanks for the Reps my handsome friend! I'm not deserving though as I've been a bad boy again and have been quite absent from everyone's threads lately! I noticed that you have a new one. I'm really behind the eight ball!
    No probs. I ran into that reps problem too, not sure how many have to be handed out before giving to someone for the second time. I tried to find out once and kept rep-ping others, but after about 10 (or maybe 20) the message says that you can only hand out so much rep in 24 hours, or something like that.

    "Thanks for the tip about giving rep. My question is how many do you have to give out to others before you can give more rep to a person you've already given rep to?"
    Thank you my friend (s) for the Reps. I was over on you latest and tried to get you back, but I got to rep around some more first.
    you grow very nice plants,welcome great to have such talented growers come right on in.
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