1. Neptune

    Abandoned First Grow NL Auto Fem 30W Plus 150W Dual CFL

    Hi all this is my first proper (if you can call it that) grow. I've been reading lots of journals for a long time but decided to join the forum now its the 20th of april :) I had alot of pleasure reading alot of peoples grows but one that stood out to me was a person called GreenKittys, i've...
  2. mackdaddyerb

    Planning to start first grow - Need help with tent dimensions for small stealth grow!

    Hey guys, I am planning to build my first grow setup I want it to be as stealthy as possible because I live in a shared accommodation. This means little smell, noise and space obstruction I plan to setup the grow tent in my wardrobe with a MARS LED (not completely sure which model...
  3. C

    New grower - Didn't plan - Need help!

    I smoke the brick weed my money can buy, and aways thought of planting my own weed so I dont have to "have a delaer", but never did as I thought it will be hard. So I made a briefly research and decided to make a small indoor grow. I got same seeds with last buy, so I dont have a clue what...
  4. D

    Soft wardrobe as growbox?

    Has anyone experience with such soft wardrobe as a growbox? BREIM Wardrobe White 80x55x180 cm - IKEA Could make a cheap alternative if you make it airproof and it's kind of under the radar.
  5. N

    Newbie - Random assortment of questions for first grow in 2"x2"

    First of all, Hi :D My 2nd post (my first went to the Mars-Hydro thread with a few questions for Sara) but long time lurker and hopefully will be quite active here if time allows. Now these are quite a lot of questions and text but I've read up on this but would like your input never the...
  6. M

    Abandoned First Grow - 4 Weeks Into Flowering & Running Into a Few Problems

    First proper time growing, all grown from unknown seeds found in a 50 bag or two, I think it's some sort of Indica dominant hybrid - anyone able to tell? The two larger ones are quite old and were switched to 12/12 4 weeks ago today, so they are entering their 5th week, where I will give them...
  7. Richard Richardson

    Completed Wardrobe Grow - CFL- Only - Auto Mazar + Rescued Cannatonic + Dieseltonic

    Hi. First Indoor grow. Just figuring how to post Pics. I have: 1 * 250 w Warm Cfl hanging vertical, : 1 * 125 w white cfl hanging vertical with reflector to the door. 1 * Reptile uva 65 watt cfl at the top cola 1 * 30 w warm cfl stick 1 * 30 w...
  8. D

    1 x 600w GE Lucagrow w/ Lumatek Ballast - Ebb and Flow Pvc Pipe

    I have seen similar photos to my set-up but never anything exactly the same. I'm planning to upgrade to a more advanced aeroponic system soon, however until I have the space this thing has a sufficient yield. What strain is it? Sativa Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long...
  9. K

    Abandoned Blue cheese in the wardrobe

    hi evry 1 this is my first post .. been reading loads of threads on this site and have learnt loads so i thought i'd join and share my first experience of growing with you all. please leave your htoughts on what i'm doing.. thanx in advance.. ok i started with a wardrobe which measured 20...
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