hello fellow mellow jellos


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Hello guys. I've lurked like a pre school nightmare for long enough around these here parts!
So I'm gonna mosey on over here and tip my hat to yall. My names Richard and I'm at the beginning of my journey into pain relief via cannabis/cannabinoids etc.
I've suffered with Hepatitis C for about a decade, maybe had i not been an emu and buried my head i could have had some interferon treatments and been well by now, but i didn't did I nooo and now it hurts.
I'm in my 3 Rd grow now but i ain't getting the pain relief from my crop/crops and think its due to bad methods used for my grows. I'm learning and have finally got jars full of Bud i grew and that's ace.
I'm here to learn and be friendly and hope to find out good oil extraction methods to use along with maybe some new strains to help with the hep c pains. please if ANYONES any guides on extraction or strains please shout.
Happy growing :)
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