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Hi guys, sorry for a stupid post. I've seen it on YouTube, but am confused and need an article to read. I have used the search feature for shatter with no relevant content. If someone knows off hand, can you direct me to a concentrate thread? I'm interested in shatter and Bho. I know nothing about either, I have never dabbed. The only thing I have ever made is bubble hash. Didn't really know what to do with it. I am 36 and smoking since I was 15. Never had any concentrates. Now I have plenty of weed to make something. Bho kinda scares me. I can't do alcohol, I'm a recovering alcoholic. Any direction or advice is very welcome and appreciated.
I looked into bubble hash and I think I'm going to make it after my butter. Just ice, bags and a bucket. The guy then froze each grade on a micron mat and came back and used a micro plane to break it down. The mighty and volcano both can vape it, saw some vids of it. Too scared to do butane.
Little late on posting, but dry ice is way easier, no where as near messy, and the volume of hash extracted is substantially more. I just did my first batch last weekend. Never going back.
butter and coconut oil has come out perfect every time.
I don't drink either but I'm going to try the MBO with 151 rum (no everclear in canada), just going to be sure to cook off the all the booze

We got EverClear here in Alberty. $35 for a bottle that diluted is like 2.3 bottles of vodka that cost $30. Cheapest drunk going. :)

Easier to get than ISO but I mostly use naphtha that I distill from camp stove fuel or 9x filtered butane.

Have a jar of lecithin that I'm going to make tincture with. Everclear tinctures burn too much under the tongue.

I just watched videos on butane and co2 extraction. Butane is simple, but there is a purge in a vacuum.not really a big deal, but there is still butane in it. Co2 is really serious to get into. Scuba tanks, warming the bottle, the pressures involved, the blow off valve scares me. How can I make something dabbable??????????????
There's not enough butane if any left in my BHO and I don't purge. You breath in more real dirty hydrocarbons taking a walk around the block in any fair sized city. Good butane is way better for you.

You can make fine dabbables with ISO, Everclear and even methanol aka methyl hydrate aka wood alcohol. Those are all alcohols and will soak up the green and other water soluble components of pot. Ice cold quick wash methods give a pretty clean and potent oil.

Butane, hexane, naphtha, petroleum ether etc are pure hydrocarbons and not water soluble so give you a cleaner product.

All of the above are flammable and dangerous to varying degrees with butane being at the top of that list.

Everclear is the safest when it comes to making oil as it's non toxic to anyone who isn't allergic to it and that is rare. Got left-overs, pour yourself a drink. :)

If you look at the 420 guidelines they forbid the discussion of Bho - for whatever reason- and inevitably the mods find these posts and have to delete them and write you a nice PM about it. Which I always feel bad about when I'm the cause because I know they're super busy. Probably you can PM whatever you want as long as you're not going public. Not being the police here that's really really not my thing- I just thought I'd mention the bho thing because I happened to read it in the guidelines at one point.
I've read over them a while ago and you're not allowed to detail how to use those things but I've seen lots of discussion about the things and the names of the methods.

If I'm wrong I guess I'll hear about it.
Yeah, actually I'm super interested in the topic myself just don't know how far we can push it. It says in the guidelines-
Discussions about making butane hash oil aka BHO are prohibited.
. Doesn't say anything about any other methods. I do feel like I'm incline to tiptoe around the subject a bit but I have tons of questions.
It seems to me that you need to either find a very pure solvent (I can't where I am :( ) or learn to distill what you do have available, methyl hydrate, naptha, ethyl alcohol, whatever. I'd love to pick your brains on that. Maybe I'm better off just working on building a still though. I would have a lot of uses for concentrated ethyl. Industrial purposes mainly.
I spelled out in Sorenna's thread how to do QWISO and never got warned or anything so it might just be BHO because of the extra danger involved. You've been on her thread before. Likely 3 or more pages from the end of her thread now.

Probably Bho only. I have seen in the news and on YouTube absolute idiots doing it in their kitchen stovetop. One I saw made an immense explosion. Very dangerous inside. I'm looking into all of the methods now. Have a huge stockpile of buds now.
Ok. Got a nice note from Richard the Richard Hearted.

"Only the discussion of making BHO is prohibited".

You guys were right and I hope this thread continues full steam ahead Germy because I've gotten so old and out of touch that I don't even really know what shatter is, let alone how to make it. I mainly make bubble hash. I don't have access to many good solvents. Curious to see what comes up here.
I'm trying qwiso. I can get almost pure ISO at the drug store. Quart jar, 22 grams, bottle of ISO, shake till its light green, strain the strain again through a coffee filter into a casserole dish, let sit with a fan on it for 12-24 hours. Boooooooooooooooooom!
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