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    My buddies clone I have him gifted . Teaching him what I’ve learned . Now about to teach him about topping . He said if she yields good he will hook me up . Go @Pennywise clone
  2. R

    Please Recommend a MOM

    I have only used Bud Buddy, but their selection is quite poor and the last couple of months, really bad. I really like to try different strains and I want what I want. Bud Buddy doesn't offer that. Can someone recommend a MOM in Canada that has really good selection and doesn't require...
  3. J

    Week 5

    hi im new to the green scence im growing 3 blues plants under a 600 w with fan and filter feeding bloom max in conjunction with buddy any help on how to increase quality and size of harvest many thanks im in week 5 flower
  4. C

    New to Orlando

    I am new to the Orlando area and I am having a tough time finding weed and people that have the same interests as me. Just hoping to meet some people on here with the same interests as me, and hopefully people in my area to become friends with or to lead me in the right direction.
  5. turtletoe

    New to Orlando - need friends!

    Moved to Orlando with my bf and don't know anyone in town. Seems like the older you get, the harder it is to make friends. I watched "I love you, man" the other day and I could definitely relate. Look forward to hearing from people!
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