1. S

    What is this? Seems to be getting worse, is it light burn?

    Edges of leaves are going a wierd black colour and brown spots on leaves. Tops of buds look a bit burnt but can’t tell. Any ideas. Thinking it called be light or nute burn. Day 33 since pistils
  2. Z

    Seedling Looking Unhealthy: Help

    Currently babysitting 3 seedlings for my father and one of which is displaying symptoms that the others aren't. In the last 1-2 days this has happened: - 2 bottom leaves are yellowing - Top 2 are drooping. - Zooming in you can also see there is slight darkening at all the edges. - Growth stopped...
  3. Letsgopens66

    14 day old seedling, need help please!

    I’m hoping this is just light burn. The plant looked extremely happy and healthy two days ago. Shiny spots showed up last night and it looks like the spots are dying today. Edges of the leaves are slightly curled down. Seedling is in a solo cup with FFOF soil with 25% extra perlite. Watering...
  4. Burn


  5. Burn


  6. Burn


    It's happening to a few plants at middle & new growth
  7. J

    Seedling almost 1 week in and showing fast spots

    This happened today and there was no signs of spots yesterday. What kind of problem is this?
  8. 4

    Please help

    Hello growers , i have problem Gorilla glue auto fastbuds 44 - day . 5 day i have this problem , i give plant flora series and after i see it . I make flesh 2x now i whant us flora klean . It’s nutrients burn?
  9. P

    Burn or deficiency?

    Hey everyone I’m about 6 weeks into budding and my leaves are starting to turn this color, is this some deficiency or a mute burn? My first grow and I’m ph balancing and using fox farm Nutes at half strength.
  10. P

    1st time grow, deficiency? Nute burn?

    Hey all! These plants are all in General Hydroponics cocotek and using Green Planet "take it and grow" nutrients kit. They are about 5 weeks from germination. Lately I am noticing the bottom leaves are dying off and some tip burn. Some purple stems too. I use the 5 gal jugs of water at room...
  11. T

    Nute burn? Nute lockout?

    Hey guys! Check out the pic below and tell me what you think. I test my runoff after feeding and the PPMs don't show these plants to be feeding as much as I think they should. So I'm thinking of flushing. My buddy says though that he thinks it's just nut burn and I should scale back a bit...
  12. L

    Seedling issues - Nutraburn

    What's up everyone! Im new here so im still finding my way around. I ran into a little nutraburn issue on one of my plants that has a history of issues, I was wondering what are the odds of the plant being a female if, the plant has stunted during its seedling stage for a month and a half...
  13. M

    Nute or light burn from neem oil & soap spray

    Hello guys, Newbie grower here, and in need of some help. This is my first ever attempt at growing my meds, and a newb on this forum as well. 4'x4' tent (thick 1860D material) 6.8' tall 1 x 315 CMH with Phillips Agro bulb 1 x Morsen COB full spectrum LED (two cobs) for support light...
  14. Oldbear

    Are You Overfeeding Your Girls?

    I found a couple of articles on over feeding. Hope it helps people. As one who seems to have a problem with overfeeding I can give a few symptoms to look for. 1. Spots on the leaves 2. Discolored (yellowing) leaves 3. Leaves curling downward 4. Browning and loss of foliage It's...
  15. H

    Seedling Troubles

    Hey guys, So this is my first grow, bare with me. I'm growing two crop king Purple Kush in 5 gallon pots, with Happy Frog soil, 300W Vipar Spectra LED's and using filtered tap water scaled to 6.5 on the pH (no nutrients at all just yet); all inside a 4x4x6.5 reflective tent. Lights are...
  16. S

    First time grower - Help confirming sex

    I think I know the answer to my question but was looking for some insight before I burn down the tent... Can someone confirm that the pictures below are in fact male plants? End of Week 1 in flower after 8 weeks of vegetation. First grow and it looks like I'm 3 for 3 on males..
  17. B

    Need help to diagnose - LED burn? Nutrient burn? Disease?

    Hey guys! Brand new here, this will be my first post other than an introduction! But i got a problem thats driven me here, and its been bothering me for awhile. First my set up: Set up: If it works ill upload some pictures to give you an idea, but i built a grow room in the once 'breakfast...
  18. L

    Light burn or nutrient issue?

    Hey everyone, Below is a picture of my girl. She's veggin about 4 weeks now. Light cycle of 18/6. Getting 1 quarter of the recommended nutrient dose in her water and ph level is between the normal parameters. I notice that a couple of the top leaves edges were going brown and lighter than...
  19. K

    Help, I Think My 3-Week-Old Babies Are Dying

    To try and help my outdoor plants take in more sun and get an extra hour or two each day, I surrounded them with mylar reflectors. Unfortunately, when I came home from work the next day, the wind had knocked one of the reflectors over on to the plants, causing them to not get sun that day. When...
  20. S

    Tips of young plant are curling, don't think it's nute burn

    Picked up a clone last week from a local dispensary and it's growing well but the very tips of newer leaves are starting to curl at the very tip. I grow it outside during the day and inside at night, growing medium is currently just potting soil and I haven't added any fertilizer or anything...
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