1. JGibs420

    Upgrading vertical CFL cab - 14ft³ melamine veg/flower

    Thank you for reading my post and helping out in any way you possibly can. I've got a cabinet that I've been using to veg and flower my plants in for my first grow, however on the next grow I would like to be able to veg and flower simultaneously for a constant production for myself and wife...
  2. ch33ch

    Stealth Cab 400w Mars II

    Well this grow is roughly 2/3 weeks from harvest but i have took pics from the begining and i will start from there. I will be a little more detail in flower as im not sure what days my pics in Veg were taking. Cab = H35" by 15" squared. It is very much a small but capable cab. Medium =...
  3. M

    My Mars Hydro plus my grow computer has brought me to questions

    I use a grow computer, and have six of them. One for my indoor home, and three at friends house which I "remotely control" their grow operation using the grow computer I installed, and I have two more grow computers feeding five acres of vegitables, and none cannabis related crops. For my...
  4. S

    Stealthman's - DWC - Stealth Cab - SOG - Auto Afghan Mass - Northern Ligt - BDream

    Strains: Auto Afghan Mass, Auto Northern Lights, Auto Blue Dream Indoor Stealth Cabinet DWC 30 Liter system Lighting, 4 x CFL T5 Growlite 6500K & 2100K 250w HPS PH 5.8-6.2 trying to remain under 6.0 House and Garden Hydro Nutes 3 Plants Yield 6-10 ounce combined expected. Light...
  5. C

    Having ventilation issues - First time grow box - Need some advice

    I swear I've done the research scouring this and other sites for information but I can't quite find a solution to this positive pressure issue I'm having. Here is my box 24 cubic feet, 10 bulb CFL chandelier with more light to come on the side panels. The exhaust is a 4 1/2" hole with an 80mm...
  6. R

    Your thoughts on my new cab design?

    Hello good people! So I've decided to grow my own plants. It'll be my first time grow. I've decided to document my efforts over on the 'Grow Journals' forum once I get started with the build. I've done a fair amount of research, and knocked up a design using Sketchup, but as we all know...
  7. jwb87

    First Grow Cab

    Alright guys, well after several weeks of reading over all these awesome threads, Ive begun the building of my Cab, with ideas taken from Stratologics, minus the little lighting area. My intent is to make this into a Lowryder cab eventually (due to the height). For now it will be an all in 1...
  8. breathingkush

    BK's Blue Dream - Dream Queen and C - Afgani Shed

    Hello all, thanks for taking a few moments to see what I am doing. First things first a little about me. I am a 28 yearold native of Seattle, but now I reside in CA with wonderful partner in crime my beautiful redheaded girlfriend manda (non smoker by the way.) I work in medicine, as a nurse...
  9. wannaweed

    Stealth Armoire. Check the Pics

    Here is a Cab I am building. You can see the step by step progress. Any questions, feel free to ask... Fans going in tomorrow so check back for updates. Cab Construction - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery Cab Construction - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery Armoire Cab Grow - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery...
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