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Stealthman's - DWC - Stealth Cab - SOG - Auto Afghan Mass - Northern Ligt - BDream


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Strains: Auto Afghan Mass, Auto Northern Lights, Auto Blue Dream
Indoor Stealth Cabinet
DWC 30 Liter system
Lighting, 4 x CFL T5 Growlite 6500K & 2100K 250w HPS
PH 5.8-6.2 trying to remain under 6.0
House and Garden Hydro Nutes
3 Plants
Yield 6-10 ounce combined expected.
Light Schedule: 18 on 6 off

Experiance: Novice grower 2nd grow

Greeting's 420 Land, This is my 2nd grow the first one was a lesson in how not to use shit seed and to buy from a reputable seed bank.. I managed to somehow hermie 4 females, the more I analyze this the more I think of it may have been light leak I have my system off during the day due to our climate so there may have been some light leakage and again it was unknown strain and from a very seedy bush bud so more than likely not suitable for stealth cab growing :).... Hence why we are here today. My wife and I use cannabis for medical it has changed our lives, we have to purchase our weed from dealers as its illegal in my country and it costs me around $500 per month to be able to medicate so this purely for medication. This grow I have decided to do AUTO's for what I require it looks perfect I get to choose medication that I need and 10-12 weeks I have enough medication for a few months until my next batch is ready. This may be a long winded post but I wanted to show off my cabinet its a beauty I have spent hundreds of ours researching and built this from other peoples ideas and mistakes I hope you all enjoy the journey. I unfortunately lost the photos from the build but this will give you an idea on how the system runs.

The Stealth Cab :welcome:

It sits next to a fish tank that makes a racket with the filter I have purposely screwed the air pump to the cab so it vibrates and detracts from the slight hum the cabinet makes. The cupboard is fully insulated inside with insulation and quite sound proof. All the doors except for the top access to electrical etc are all kept out of the main cab due to safety, heat and condensation.

The Rear

2 doors swing open at the rear to access the cab. The unit is on very good quality caster wheels so I can move it around, but kept low enough to the ground so not noticable.


The inside consists of your normal goodies :)

For the start of this grow I will be bring the girls into the world under the CFL and switching to HPS when appropriate

So for propagation I use a $10 chamber and Growdan Cubes and ph 5.8 water. The pad you see in the pics is a C02 pad can create Co2 in enclosed spaces upto 1000 ppm an added bonus for roots growing fast.

I wash the blocks, place the seeds in the block put some water in the bottom and place a CFL 2100k light on the top for heat, if its cool I also place a heat mat under the chamber. So far using this method I have had 100% success method in getting seeds to start. Even though this is my second grow I have experimented with propagation so I would have the maximum chance with the feminized seeds. I cant just walk down the road and buy more and it takes 3 weeks to get them to me.

This is the result of 3 days in the chamber. Once the tap root comes through the bottom it goes straight into its forever home and will stay there until harvest. I do not need to remove the chamber from the cabinet as I have rigged up drain pipes and can flush the system with the use of $20 water feature pumps.

Here is the Girls with the Tap roots showing.

I remove half of the clay balls from the pot carefully place the cube in and fill it back up, it will only take a couple of days for the tap root to reach the water below.

I run 2 long air stones in the tank but the pump is not very strong so a new pump is on the shopping list when I can afford it.

Changing water is easy with a second bucket and a water feature pump, for the small amounts of nutes
I use I change water weekly that way I can regulate the nutes and ph more precisely.

Now in position and ready to become beautiful ladies. Sit tight lads and enjoy the ride I look forward to your tips and advice along the way:Namaste:


Some more cab pictures for you.


120mm Computer fan on the floor draws cool air from the cement slab and into the cab, this fan runs

Fill pipe with cover made from a boat rod holder with the bottom cut off

Water Level indicator

The drain plug made from simple out door irrigation tap fittings

250w cooltube HPS Growlush 2100k

The extractor fan insulated in the cab with high density foam


Timers and safety switches, 4 in total no fires in my cab !!

Computer Fans are great for getting air circulating around your cab I use this above the ballast to remove the heat build up in top of the cab.

High density foam is excellent to work with and has great sound proof properties.

The Beast


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Day 6 Still no tap root through the pots so a light mist and a 30 ml water for each block. Im expecting tap roots tomorrow........ we will see :thumb:

Blue Dream

Afghan Mass

Northern Lights


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Re: Stealthman's - DWC - Stealth Cab - SOG - Auto Afghan Mass - Northern Ligt - BDrea

Day 8 Update.

Tap roots are through on 2 of the 3 ladies and I can see the 3rd just about to drop through. Now that they have plenty of drink I have now turned on the HPS and removed the T5's this entire grow will be done using HPS I wont swap out to MH this grow that will be left for the next time. Next stage is to install the screen when the branches begin to shoot, im going to grow these ladies low and under the screen with some LST, giving maximum light to hopefully sexy buds down below .....
BD Day 8

BD Tap root

NL Day 8

NL Tap Root

AMDay 8

System in full operation :D


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Re: Stealthman's - DWC - Stealth Cab - SOG - Auto Afghan Mass - Northern Ligt - BDrea

Day 9

Had to rip out the HPS way to hot even with extraction fan reached 35c today poor girls must have been sweating, our ambient temps are 26-29c atm so its hard to keep the unit cool. I will have to save the HPS for winter grows. For now im back to the tubes :( and LED see how we go when it gets warmer next month.


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Re: Stealthman's - DWC - Stealth Cab - SOG - Auto Afghan Mass - Northern Ligt - BDrea

nice set up. :welcome: to bad about the heat. Is the ballast not dimmable? cfl should do fine for now.


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Re: Stealthman's - DWC - Stealth Cab - SOG - Auto Afghan Mass - Northern Ligt - BDrea

No not dimmable unfortunately. yes they are doing just fine under the cfl, and I have both spectrum's and will probably give the screen a miss on this grow as I now have the headroom now that the hps has been removed. I may introduce some side lighting as well, I will need to see how the temps go. My climate is quite hot so growing in a cab in summer can be a challenge but so far it peeks at 28-32 but only for a few hours in the morn then the lights turn out and it falls to ambient then. Heres some of the latest pics.

BD is rocketing ahead of the 2 others must be a smaller strain. So far the girls are happy at Day 13.

PH 5.7
Nutes. 1st week 2% of recommended nutes A + B (Note, Nutes start 3 days after Tap roots hit the water)
PPM 450
Temps 24-32c

Adding 2 litres of PH 7.0 water every 2 days appears to keep the PH from going acidic due to the plants and the heat drawing the nutrient from the water.

BD Day 13

BD Tap 13

AM Day 13

AM Tap 13

NL Day 13

NL Tap 13


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Re: Stealthman's - DWC - Stealth Cab - SOG - Auto Afghan Mass - Northern Ligt - BDrea

Some extra fans installed in the bottom to help get more fresh in the cab.


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Re: Stealthman's - DWC - Stealth Cab - SOG - Auto Afghan Mass - Northern Ligt - BDrea

Day 17 Update

Well looks like the extra fans did not assist to much in cooling the cab but still topping 32c, but the ladies look healthy so time will tell if the heat is going to be an issue as they mature...

BD Day 17

BD tap day 17

AM Day 17

AM Tap Day 17

NL Day 17

NL Tap Day 17


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Re: Stealthman's - DWC - Stealth Cab - SOG - Auto Afghan Mass - Northern Ligt - BDrea

Add Some silica like pro-tekt it will help plants deal with the heat .


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Re: Stealthman's - DWC - Stealth Cab - SOG - Auto Afghan Mass - Northern Ligt - BDrea

Cheers I'll look into that

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Re: Stealthman's - DWC - Stealth Cab - SOG - Auto Afghan Mass - Northern Ligt - BDrea

DAY 19 Update

Max temps 28-32
Max Humid 60-85%
PH 5.6-5.9
PPM 405 and dropping
adding approx 2 lts of PH 7 neutral water to the chamber every 2 days.

I have noticed what I think may be nute burn on the BD but not on the other 2. PPM is now falling as the plants take up the nutes, I will monitor it over the next few days and see if it gets worse.

Over all im happy so far I hope the trend continues :cool027:

Blue Dream Day 17 Nute burn ?



NL Day 19

AM Day 19

Left (Northern Lights) Mid (Afghan Mass) Right (Blue Dream)


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Re: Stealthman's - DWC - Stealth Cab - SOG - Auto Afghan Mass - Northern Ligt - BDrea

Day 24,

Well its been a bastard of a few day's high temps weather wise so its been hard.

The Blue Dream has been struggling with the heat and 2 day's ago I broke my cheap ass ph meter so that has resulted in a hard time keeping ph at the right level resulting in me shocking the system and hurting the BD. The rest have very tiny spot on them but look ok. The BD was droopy and limp and was looking sad. I have now flushed and re PH'd the water with my new fancy $80 ph meter that works and correct, and I purchased ph up and down,it makes life much easier. I was mixing powders and crap to save money and its a nightmare if your even considering trying to PH such a small amount of water your better off using the product specifically made for the job, don't risk your crop on inferior products and don't cut corners it will only cost you time and money and possibly your crop.

Blue Dream Day 24

Afghan Mass Day 24

Northern Lights Day 24

All the Ladies
Left (Northern Lights) Mid (Afghan Mass) Right (Blue Dream)


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Re: Stealthman's - DWC - Stealth Cab - SOG - Auto Afghan Mass - Northern Ligt - BDrea

Day 26 Update.

Today is the start of LST, The new tester and PH solution is a breeze, keeping PH in check is now so much more simple than using powdered. Interesting to note, while using powdered form acid it also contaminated the water giving a false PPM reading, since using specific PH UP/DOWN there is no more contaminates in the water. My PPM has dropped by 400 now from not using the powder, giving me the correct PPM I should be able to monitor the feeding much more easier and accurate. The Blue dream has sign of PH shock on a few leaves but she has really perked up so I think she will be fine.

Some pics of the LST.

Blue Dream LST DAY 26


Afghan Mass LST Day 26

Northern Lights LST Day 26

Northern Lights (L) Afghan Mass (M) Blue Dream (R)


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Re: Stealthman's - DWC - Stealth Cab - SOG - Auto Afghan Mass - Northern Ligt - BDrea

Day 28 Update,

The Girls have been very responsive to the LST and have bounced back nice, Im starting to see good growth on the BD around 1 inch per day and the AM is close behind. The NL is small and slow but looks nice and healthy.

It was nute change day I have now increased amounts and they are using around 1-2 lts per day of water. Temps are high but the chamber is hanging on 26.2 (79), and im growing through the day with the cab open due to the Temps here. Still the high temps are fine as long as the air circulates they seem to be loving it. I may have reduced yeild due to high temps but hey thats life :)

We have 2 confirmed Ladies, Blue Dream, and Afghan Mass, Northern Lights is still waiting to show sex.

BD Day 28


AM Day 28


NL Day 28



Northern Lights (L) Afghan Mass (M) Blue Dream (R)



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Re: Stealthman's - DWC - Stealth Cab - SOG - Auto Afghan Mass - Northern Ligt - BDrea

Day 29 Update...

Well never a dull moment when growing medicine.... The weather has been unseasonally hot and with the warm nights ad brought bug's lots or little shitty buggs :yikes: and heres a pic of said little bastard's that have invaded my private space....


My choice to combat these this time is Eco-Neem Made from extracts of the neem tree... you can read more about it here if you like.

Edit: It's now 2 days after the spray all bugs appear to have moved on. Will monitor if they come back.


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Re: Stealthman's - DWC - Stealth Cab - SOG - Auto Afghan Mass - Northern Ligt - BDrea

Day 32.....

Im very happy with everything at the moment. We have some reprieve from our unseasonal high temps. All the ladies are standing up well and responding well to LST, feed has been increased were now between 800-900 ppm no sign of any nute burn so they appear to be liking it. They are drinking about 2-3 lts per day so every day I ad ph'd water and every second day I include 2.5 ml of A + B nutes....(thats depending on how many nutes have been eaten by the ladies. By adding that small amount it seems to keep the ppm around the same in my small 30 ltr when topping up. Northern Lights is still no where looking like showing sex yet and is the runt of the litter im hoping with the better environment it will take off, I bet it ends up being the best plant in the grow, it's the ones you dont expect who turn out the best :) Bug problem seems to have gone for now so hoping thats sorted. I have also just planted 3 more strains, these will be put into coco and grown in the garden and brought in to flower in the same cab, by that time the DWC will be finished and I wont need to wait to long for the next harvest of meds.

Whats our thoughts in removing the damaged leaves on the BD. I usually leave any leafs that are damaged in the wild but looking the cab where light is precious I think best removed. Your Thoughts ?










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Re: Stealthman's - DWC - Stealth Cab - SOG - Auto Afghan Mass - Northern Ligt - BDrea

Day 38 Update.

Well things are running like clockwork ATM Ph is rising .1 per day so I start at 5.5 and work my way through to 6.5 which takes 7-9 day's depending on temps, then when I hit 6.5 its time to do a reservoir change. Back to 5.5 and repeat the process. You can also keep an eye on your EC as it rises indicates more build up of salts Mine never rises above 1.8-2.0 during this cycle. If it rises above this could mean over feeding or root rot or some other contaminates in the water. During this cycle I went from around 600 ppm to 1000 ppm, they seem to be thriving at this and no sign on nute burn. I will keep the ppm at 1000-1200 for this cycle and increase to 1600 over the coming 4 weeks. It looks like the Afghan mass is going to finish early so I may need to flush it separately I will cross that bridge when I come to it. The second round of LST happend a few days ago they again responded well, the AM looks to have 5 nice nodes growing and they grow very fast every day they are getting more hairs every time I turn around :thumb:.

I have also some new ladies for the next cycle which will be over summer. I think for me soil is going to be easier to manage over the hotter months. As much as I love DWC and the speed of which it grows the ease of having plants at different (perpetual) stages of live provides a fun and challenging way to grow medicine. Lighting is easy with auto's it will take what you give it when you give it. I believe this to be true to a certain extent but I do also believe that it should have the same light at the same time like 1 am to 4 PM every day the same time schedule. My plants grow under light with the cab open and then open when its dark, but thats in the middle of the day and thats the beauty of having auto's, you don't need to worry about light leak. Growing seedlings under the same light as your flowering plants is fantastic.....

Any way enough waffling on heres some Pics :)

New Babies :) No journal on these although you will get some pics along the way.



Afghan Mass LST

Blue Dream








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Re: Stealthman's - DWC - Stealth Cab - SOG - Auto Afghan Mass - Northern Ligt - BDrea


Things are screaming along I have introduced some house and garden amino into the mix and took a punt at lowering my light at the risk of heat but it all appears to be fine. And the ladies are going nuts growth now is daily and fast the Afghan mass buds are getting fluffier every day and the Northern Lights has now kicked in and growing fast. She is also confirmed Female. Kudos to Seedsman for the first 3 being ladies :)

Any ways some quick pic's more to follow in a few days. Ohh and the new babies are coming along nice as well

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