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Hi all. Long time thief on the forum, been stealing everybodies gold trying to improve my skills. Figured it was about time I gave something back.
This is my fourth grow. I'm limited in space and stealth is essential. I grow in a 45cm x 90cm x 90cm tent which is snuggly stashed in a lockable storage cupboard with 2 vent hole cut in the back.
First two grows were drip fed hydro - first was white widow and 2x ak48 - yielded 45g, second was CBD blueshark and easy ryder - yielded 20g. My third grow was my first dwc and failed miserably. Went away for a week in the third week of flower and came back to a nearly dry reservoir and some sad looking plants... they didn't make it. But, live and learn. All of these grows i think i was over stretching for my setup. I was only running with 4x 2ft 24w t5ho. Hence the poor yields. But on to my current grow...

From now on I'm planning to grow only autos. This way I only have one light schedule 20/4. I've switched to a 130w cfl - more watts over half the area. I'll start with one plant then with 4wks til harvest i can throw in another seed in the tent so i should be harvesting a plant every 6-7wks. I only grow for myself so this will be plenty for me.

What strain is it? At the moment Easy ryder (auto ak47 x Lowryder) (but next inline is kush van stitch, pineapple express and sweet tooth, all of which are supposed to be high in cbd)
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? hybrid though sativa dominant in effect
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Flower, switched nutes today
If in Veg... For how long? 28 days
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Soil or Hydro? Hydro
What size res? 15L (filled to 12L)
Size of light? 130w 6500k cfl and 24w 2700k cfl for veg; 130w 2700k cfl and 2x 24w 6500k cfl for flower
Is it aircooled? Passive intake, exhaust with inline fan pulling through carbon filter
Temp of Room/cab? 28-32 Celsius
RH of Room/cab? 20-45
PH of media or res? 5.6-6
Type and strength of ferts used?
veg - canna aqua vega, rhizotonic, cannazym and cannaboost late veg after appearance of flowers; EC +1-1.6
flower -canna aqua flores, rhizotonic, cannazym, pk13/14 and H&G bud xl last 5 weeks; EC +1.6-2

Pics to come...
Update: Day 33

Well I thought growth had stagnated and it was prime time to switch to flower after 4 weeks. But maybe it had been a bit of lag from some heat stress in the third week of growth because I switched to flower nutes and changed the light colour over (now running 130w 2700k with 24w 6500k) and went away for a few days and come back to this unruly beast that needed to be tied down all over the place. What had been 35cm (14inches) is now over 50cm (20inches) easy if I let it stand up straight. I hope it stops soon. The last Easy Ryder I grew maxed out at about 50cm so fingers crossed. I also managed to get the temp issues under control since my last post, temps are now 20-30 Celsius (68-86F).

Easy Ryder day 33

I've added my germ/veg dwc positioned under the 6500k cfl. I've put a Pineapple Express auto fem seed (Barneys Farm) in a rockwool cube which had been soaked in pH adjusted water with rhizo added. I'll start a new journal for this soon.
Update: Day 36

I did some pruning and rearranged things, so thought I'd throw together an update.

I removed some of lower fan leaves which were not receiving any light or too shaded, some of the upper leaves that were shading the lower bud sites and removed the lower stems which had not yet started to form flowers. I was trying to remove anything unnecessary to improve airflow through the plant as the buds start to develop and in the hope the sexy beast puts more effort into the existing bud sites.

I rearranged the tent so I could have a dedicated cfl over my germ/veg pot (white pot with clayballs, front left) for the Pineapple express I've dropped into the rockwool cube. I'm doubtful it's gonna germinate cos its been in there 5 days. Longest I've ever had a seed take to germinate was 3 days. So I soaked another seed overnight to see if it comes through any quicker. Fingers crossed. Anybody else ever had failed seeds from Barneys Farm? Hoping its just a one off. I was planning to put in one of their Sweet Tooth Autos soon.



Update: Day 42

So 6 weeks are done, joint doctor says this strain takes 9weeks from seed to harvest, but I'm expecting 10-11 weeks. So the buds have come along nicely over the last week (2nd week of flower nutes). Every growing tip looks like the pic below and every node has some bud developing. So this res change over I switched to gen 2 phase on the canna schedule and added the pk13/14. I'm expecting a shit ton of thumb sized nuggs and about half a dozen that will be 2-3 times that size.


The roots have gotten darker since i started adding bud xl to the res. Most of the roots are almost white, just the older roots are sort of brown. I'm not concerned...yet.

I've had issues with getting my barneys farm pineapple express seeds to germ. First seed failed second seed took a week to germ. Not looking good. Once the first true leaves open up I'll start a joirnal for that grow too.
This weekend I'll be building a grow box for my bonsai mothers I'm setting up so I'll start a journal for that aswell.
Quick update: Day 50

The pk13 / 14 did wonders on fattening out the buds. In hindsight I should have left it another week before I used it to let the bud length increase a little more before fattening them up. I may have underesunderes the yield. I think I'll yield at least an oz which ain't bad for a single plant grown in a clone tent. I think I have another 3 weeks (maybe 4) before harvest.
Bud porn:

The pineapple express is very slow to get going. This is about 10 days atfer emerging. I think maybe the seeds were immature.
Quick update : Day 60

Apologies for not updating more often and for the shitty pics, but heres another quick update.

Bud development has been explosive. Now the hairs are about 30% amber. I'm thinking harvest in a week. The last reservoir change I couldnt decide whether i should go another few days of nutes or if I should start the flush so i just did quarter strength instead. The main cola is now that big that I couldn't close my grip around it. So pretty stoked with that.

I'll update again at harvest with full plant pics and bud porn.
Day 65

Harvest day! My lovely lady got to about 50% amber and I had a rare opportunity to pull her out of the cupboard so i decided to harvest her. I would have liked to leave in 24hr dark for a couple day to boost resin but should still be potent. She is stinky, smelling like sweet citrus and petrol and super sticky.

Final shots before harvest

This is the main cola. Picture doesn't do it justice. When i hold it, it is as long as my forearm, elbow to finger tips, and fatter.


I'll update with final weight in a bout a week when its all dry
Its has only been a couple weeks but i had to give this gear a go. Taste is slightly citrus and pine, still a little harsh but should mellow out. Effect is a strong buzz/high and somewhat motivating for the first hour and a half. Then it mellows down a bit to a pretty good chill state. It doesn't make you sleepy although I sleep pretty well afterwards. I think this is a good social strain ie get high and dribbling some crazy shit with your friends and laugh your arse off.

Bam! First journal complete!
Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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