JackStafford's - DWC - CFL - Pineapple Express Auto - Grow Journal - 2015


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Hi all. This is my second grow journal on 420. I also have an Easy ryder grow which will be finishing up in about a week if you wanna check it out.

This grow:
What strain is it? Barneys farm pineapple express
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Indica dom
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg
If in Veg... For how long? 20 days
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Soil or Hydro? Hydro
What size res? 5L (filled to 4L)
Size of light? 2x 24w 6500k cfl first 3 weeks, 130w 6500k cfl for veg; 130w 2700k cfl and 2x 24w 6500k cfl for flower
Is it aircooled? Passive intake, exhaust with inline fan pulling through carbon filter
Temp of Room/cab? 28-32 Celsius
RH of Room/cab? 20-45
PH of media or res? 5.6-6
Type and strength of ferts used?
veg - canna aqua vega, rhizotonic, cannazym and cannaboost late veg after appearance of flowers; EC +1-1.6
flower -canna aqua flores, rhizotonic, cannazym, pk13/14 and H&G bud xl last 5 weeks; EC +1.6-2

This is from the second seed i put in,the first one failed and this one has been slow to take off. I'm hoping it picks up when i move it to the big girl lights.

Day 10

Day 20

Has anybody else tried this strain? Anything to watch out for in the grow? Does the smoke live up to the hype?
Day 49:
She is getting unruly. Definitely no Christmas tree shape to this girl. Main stem has slowed in growth and all the lower branches are catching up. Looks as though she is gonna have pretty uniform bud growth. I switched to all flowering nutes. I think for this grow I will add the pk13 / 14 a week earlier than last time, which was about 3 and half weeks before harvest. I was disappointed with the density of the bud i got from my easy ryder although the yield was still massive for the space at 2oz. It is good smoke, just lacks bag appeal.
Infact if u search sleestack grow. my old journel from a few month back.page 20. There is pics of the pineapple express i grew. I pulled 4 ounce dry weight my best to date lol. She likes to be fed alot this plant amd very easy to grow.best of luck to u ;)
Yeah, two weeks might be a bit optimistic for this strain. My last grow of easy ryder exploded after i added pk13 / 14 and only took 2 weeks after that. This girl has been on the pk for six days. Over due for a res change which I'll do tomorrow. I usually go for light nutes the week before flush, aim for ec 1.3. So you reckon one more week of full strength? I looked at her this morning and she is about 40% amber hairs now.
Its normal to get orange or amber hair at that stage so ur on track.any up to date pics:) but u got abit to go yet.ur ladies have lots of hairs this is the start of flower.not fully formed bud yet mate no were near from looking at ur ladies.they are all in good health so keep doing what ur doing good job:)
Just looked at ur last pics mate and id say maybe another 3 weeks flower then flush .she is no were near done.keep it green mate have a great day;)
Iv also learned alot from growing alot of autos.some autos i have bought have taken far longer than stated like auto northen lights i left her 13 weeks and pulled 4 ounce dry.but stain info said she would be done in 8. Have a good look at plants on here mate at end of ppls grow journels have a good look at the buds so ur familiar what to look for of ripen bud ready to chop. Good luck mate .any questions jusk ask;) peace
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