1. J

    Growing Lowryder Auto

    Hi, im new to growing in general and the first time im growing ive ordered Lowryder autos(2 seeds) and not sure how to start. i would really appreciate the help with what suggestions on soil/fertilizer i should use since im growing outside. i live in Aus aswell
  2. 1

    Top of the plant not flowering

    Hello, i have a lowryder #2, she is 37 days old and i have a problem: the very top of the plant is not growing any pistils even do the rest of the plant is fine. Strain - lowryder #2 # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Flower Setup - Light - 200w cfl Nutrients - random stuff...
  3. Z

    How to make Lowryder 2 bushy like this.

    I am about to grow a Lowryder #2 and i saw some photos of growers and i can say that its a pretty nice plant. I used to grow greek Kalamatiano is it called. Its outdoor and 1 meter long. This time i decided to make a short one indoor. The thing is what do i have to do to make the Lowryder...
  4. K

    Kamy PC Grow Case - Mystery Seeds - CFL - Grow Soil Medium - Advice Welcome

    Greetnings fellow 420 Friends ! i hope you are all well and happy , One week ago i decided to turn on my pc case and start growing some bud . I have planted 5 seeds a friend gave me , he said that they are good quality and probably femenized (i hope he is right ^^ ) Here is a picture of my pc...
  5. K

    Kviertwintig's Lowryder F1 Grow Journal - 2015

    Bucket Size - 5 liter Medium - Gardening center "Seed and Stem" ground Lights - 138w CFL Nutrients - Pokon "Terrace and Balcony" 7/5/7 Strain(s) - Lowryder F1 # of Plants: 4 Yield : no idea yet I have pics on my pc, how do I upload them/?
  6. L

    Where has the joint doctor gone?

    Where has he gone? Why are all his seeds sold out from the usual places for months. I was kind of joping hed be beinging something new soon. Only place i seem to see his stuff is branded as seedsman
  7. H


    can you clone lowryder autoflowering berry feminized plants
  8. O

    Moving Indoors - 250W Closet Grow

    Greetings! My very first grow journal! wohoo! After two hard summers of carrying dirt and water containers in the forest, I decided to move my playground indoors. I'm making this journal partly to keep track on what I have done and to see the result of all my actions. But also because I know...
  9. J

    JackStafford's - DWC - CFL - Stealth Easy Ryder - Grow Journal - 2015

    Hi all. Long time thief on the forum, been stealing everybodies gold trying to improve my skills. Figured it was about time I gave something back. This is my fourth grow. I'm limited in space and stealth is essential. I grow in a 45cm x 90cm x 90cm tent which is snuggly stashed in a lockable...
  10. B

    Lowryder 2 - Outdoor - Second Week! Advice? Opinion?

    Hey there, This is my first time growing Lowryder 2, The first picture is at about 19 days and the second at 27 days :) Let me know what you guys think of these so far!
  11. S

    First Time Grow - 5 Strains

    Hello Everybody!:Namaste: This is my first grow and also my first post here on :420: I feel it's time to put my knowledge to the test. I have done my research on forums and google and I hope everything goes well. It's actually too early to start for an outdoor grow where I live, but I just...
  12. O

    Lowryder #1 - Blueberry Auto 250W Hydro

    Hi 420'ers! I am new to the forum and have been reading here for a while on the journals. Recently I have moved from the US back to Europe where I am from and have started a new indoor grow which I haven't done in 10 years... My setup is as follows: Growtent 60x60x180 centimeters 250W...
  13. J189RFC

    J189RFC 400W Hydroton Lyriders + Outdoor

    Hey all So I'm right back into this now so no delay, I'm jumping right in like a veteran would do. BLAM! I took a week, to clear out and clean the space, installed the right tools, sourced what I didn't have and made it happen. Rule 1 IMHO is clear and clean the space, it doesn't have to...
  14. Giovanni831

    Gio's 180W LED Auto Diesel Ryder Coco

    Going to be starting a new grow after a slight hiatus from growing and subsequently keeping journals. I decided for space issues that I would do a cabinet grow with autos and LED. Also I have deviated from Aero and DWC that I normally use to coco coir. So without any further holdups, here are...
  15. M

    Ways up everyone

    hi, new to the growing ways. my first grow is actually going pretty well. any suggestions or comments would be great.
  16. B

    Ak47 x Lowryder #2 First Grow

    Hello all, My comrade and I will be starting our first grow in about a week. We are still waiting on the seeds as well as our HPS lights. However, the grow room is set up and I was hoping to get some feedback from all of you. Heres what we have. 2x 400 w High Pressure Sodium lights...
  17. Ganglion

    First Grow - 125W CFL - Lowryder #2 & Bag Seed

    Hello and welcome to my grow!! I put first in inverted commas as this is not my first grow, but is my first to sucessfully reach budding. Hope you're mighty high and comfortable. :tokin: I guess I'll start by telling you a little about my grow... -I'm using a 125w dual spectrum clf, hoping...
  18. H

    HalfBUDprince LOWRYDER #1 Outside Soil

    Hey so im deffently new to growing but gained an interest after smoking for many years and watching a buddy of mine grow a Sour Diesel plant hydroponically in his closet. Well his plants done and the bud is amazing. Anyways, I have just ordered some feminized lowryder seeds because i read...
  19. S

    Squintygirl's Lowryder First Try 11-08

    3 plants total 2 weeks old as of 11-12-08 Outdoor grow in soil- Miracle Gro Potting Mix 5 gallon container (will be transplanting to single containers later) Central Florida- warm days, cool nights, moderate humidity Dynagro 1-2x/week New grower- first time trying lowryder! Only...
  20. E

    Problem with Lowryder

    Hey - I'm a frist time grower on a massively tight budget and I'm having some weird growing patterns emerging with my lowryder plants. I managed to get some professional grower's compost, decent nutes and good seeds from online but wasn't able to afford any good growing lamps. I read somewhere...
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