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First Time Grow - 5 Strains


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Hello Everybody!:Namaste:

This is my first grow and also my first post here on :420:
I feel it's time to put my knowledge to the test. I have done my research on forums and google and I hope everything goes well.
It's actually too early to start for an outdoor grow where I live, but I just couldn't wait. The weather has been great so far so I might just make it :4:

I plan to raise the plants indoor for a few weeks before I throw them out.
I have 5 different strains:

Malana cream - Therealseedcompany
Kumaoni - freebie from Therealseedcompany
Nepal - Seedheaven
Lemon gWidow - freebie from Seedheaven
Lowryder #2 - Seedheaven

I have high hopes for my malana cream. The Lemon gWidow have a long flowering period and will have a difficult time where I live at 58 degrees latitude. Nepal should do fine and flower sometime in late september.

My low budget setup consist of two 45W 4000K cfl lights. That´s about it :4:
I put two of each strain to germinate in a paper towel 2 days ago and they have all germinated today.:goodjob:

Closet with my tomato plant

And in just a few hours they've started to sprout.

Any thoughts?
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Re: first time grow, 5 strains

Good luck with landrace sativas at 58°N :thumb:
But your Nepalese Plant - it's 100% sativa too, I assume - won't be ready before the end of October, this I can guarantee.


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Re: first time grow, 5 strains

The Nepal is from Tanska who has been growing them in Denmark for a long time.
My landraces will be a real challenge to finish. I might try to cross them with the nepals if chance is given.

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Re: first time grow, 5 strains

Real nice start Sommar and nice intro. Good to see you here on 420mag. If you have any? just ask away and I will help as much as I can. You can also stop by one or all of my journals had ask or say hello any time. Happy growing to you.

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