1. NaturalSpirit

    Natural Spirit Is Back In Town!

    This journal is made to get back in touch with all you lovely people, getting back to growing monster girls and ofcourse to give a signal to the world that this is just a plant and it helps me survive. In the pas i made so much different approaches to dosing, edibles and growing itself.. It...
  2. S

    White Widow, 8th week of flowering: Trichome and bud pics!

    Here are the pics of our main White Widow buds and trichomes! We are less than 3 days from entering the 8th week of flowering, our final week before we plan to harvest! Do you think we're on-track for harvesting in a week?
  3. SeedsMan

    Seedsman Strains - Indica To Sativa

  4. F

    Crop King

    Was trying the online chat but can't respond the girl asked what she could help with but I don't know where to respond. My question would have been white widow fem that I'm growing wanted to know the time they say is there flower time
  5. F

    Crop King White Widow

    I'm currently growing 10 crop king white widow in 11 liter pots and am in week five day 3 from the switch to 12-12 most of the girls are doing well but two are a bit stunted for some reason. Is there anything I could do to catch up .l was also wondering when I can expect them to start smelling...
  6. tryan2grow1

    Tryan2grow1 - DWC - White Widow AF - LED Mars-Hydro Reflector 96

    Here we go team. Today two White Widow Auto Flowers were put to germinate. This grow is in my 20X36X60 tent. These plants shall grow in bubbles in 5gal buckets armed with each it's own air pump. The tent has two fans and a weather station along with a ventilation fan and filter of the 6 inch...
  7. F

    White Widow

    Hi everyone I'm new here and am on my third grow.But this time all legal in Canada. I purchased 10 white widow femed seeds and all sprouted. I really only wanted 8 plants but have ten growing real nice I'm currently in week six of veg and my plants are about two feet tall. I am planning to...
  8. M

    Green planet duel fuel

    Is my first time growing and was wondering what are you guys thought on using duel fuel I'm currently germinating 2 white widow feminized and 2 Jack Herer feminized auto flower Thanks for your input
  9. aceknight

    White Widow Seeds - Super Quality - Auto-Flower

    Received White Widow Seeds and after 19 hrs root busted through shell. ***(Ph tap water 5.9/using lemon & Baking Soda)
  10. Dabber

    White Widow

    This is my first grow. Growing 6 plants all Crop King Auto flower White Widow (middle plants) Candy Cane (plants on left) Early Miss (plants on right) they are 34 days old
  11. E

    White Widow auto flowering

    i have a couple of questions, 1 my white widow is in its one full month of veg, and looking awsome, is it to early to put them in flower, 2 do i change the nuts from grow to flower
  12. D

    DesertPlant's 2nd DWC White Widow & Northern Lights Journal - 2017

    This will be my second grow. The first was several years ago and is posted here. This grow will be two plants in a 5' x 2.5' tent. One is a White Widow from 420, and one Northern Lights that will be planted once the seeds are delivered. Both are feminized seeds. The WW spent a day in water...
  13. S

    Help - Growing White Widow feminised auto-flowering seeds using hydroponics

    I am trying to grow White Widow Feminized auto flowering plants. I germinated 5 but only 3 sprouted and are only about 1/2 an inch tall and stopped growing. I have them in rock wool, under 2 5T lights, under a humidity dome and on top of a seed warming pad. I have been growing for years with...
  14. S

    White Widow Strange Growing

    So I'm in the the Northeast- USA. Fall time means bud time. No newbie to growing here. Was growing purple buds 30 years ago. I have a white widow growing outside doing well, budding well too. The funny thing is one branch has purple buds, the rest of the plant is flowering white hairs at this...
  15. M

    Strange flowering? White Widow Auto RQS

    Hi there just got into week 5/6 of flower ive only grown 2 plants before this and this plant seems to be growing strangely but looks cool, like a web (white widow :D) of tiny bud sites as you can see at the back Afghan Kush to be chopped tomorrow looks fine, no idea if its normal surely doesn't...
  16. N

    10 weeks White Widow into the 12/12 flip

    .10 weeks White Widow into the 12/12 flip..hardly any amber trics but damn this looks ready to harvest... Im a 1st time grower..... opinions please, thanks
  17. C

    Bat In Growroom

    Question is , can the Bat do any damage to plants ? plants are White Widow , four of them about a foot tall in veg
  18. Chronc

    Iced Widow & Cookie x Wreck x Biker Ltd

    Iced Widow. Mainlined to get 8 Colas. COOKIExBikerxwreck ltd. Also Mainlined for 8 Colas. Not the conventional way to "mainline", but it seems to be responding well! 2'x2'x4' tent, 2 MarsHydro 300 watt lights, 6" outtake fan, 4" intake fan fed straight from air conditioning unit...
  19. S

    White Widow auto isn't blooming!

    Hey everyone. First time grow with these Crop King White Widow Autoflower. Planted them in pots outside in a greenhouse on June 1st. That's about 40 days ago. Plants are doing very well. most are all over 4 feet tall and quite bushy. The greenhouse is facing south west so gets sun from 8am to 5...
  20. N

    Mystery Strain?

    Alright, a little information first : I'm currently growing 2 White Widows and 1 Dark Angel (or at least those are the seed packs I used) in coco in a tent under a 1000W bulb (MH for veg, HPS for flower) using H&G Coco nutrients. I had little popsicle stick plant marker things but they kept...
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