Natural Spirit Is Back In Town!

This journal is made to get back in touch with all you lovely people, getting back to growing monster girls and ofcourse to give a signal to the world that this is just a plant and it helps me survive. In the pas i made so much different approaches to dosing, edibles and growing itself..
It went all over the place. Now my goal is to narrow down my growing process and upgrading along the way. Ofcourse this is only possible with the help of the sexy peeps jumping in and out of the journal.

Why do i grow?

There is a list of reasons and most of them are medical. first of all i got a Connective Tissue Disorder called Ehlers Danlos. Lots of pain and fatique is comming along with it and cannabis helps in several ways. Besides that there is ADHD, Deep sleep parasomnia, IBS, Worn joints and a whole lot of other things that probably arent known to most of you out there. All these symptoms are normally kept under controle by medicine... and thats where it gets funky.. My body does not respond to NSAIDS and therefore managing pain is hard. Thankfully we got our beloved Cannabis that helps me manage the hardest edges of pain.

The plan:

As of now its time to step up! No more "i forgot to water the girls cause i was tired" or "they look bad so i rather freak out then be honest and confront my non healthy girls" Knowledge is everything and therefore i need to share more! As some of you know a handmade box was build and for the time beeing that worked perfectly! In the near future a Wide tent will be purchased and the now flower box will become a germination and veg box. If there is anything going on with the girls ill post it, good or bad...

What seeds are you using?

Well there are over 700 Spirit Widow seeds left that i personally created from several genetics. I love them :p and there is room for error as there are ALOT of seeds :p

The lighting:

Right now the TEDDY PANEL is hanging in the big box. This light has a name that i rather not share all over so once it was received i changed the name to "Teddy Panel" as he spend so many hours trying to make things work. Still alot of respect for the dedication @Teddy Edwards !!

My current setup is a pretty high "DIY" feel to it and the plan is to slowly upgrade and make things neat,clean and proffesional-ish ;)

Probably forgot a ton to write down here but this is the start of something beautifull <3

Come and join in, help out, freak out, suggest, enjoy and smile <3
Welcome home! Great to have your natural, positive spirit back. I hope you're doing as well as possible.
Well thank you! Im happy to be back and sharing my story again :D How have you been?

I might need to germ some beans as the journal cant go without picture galore!
And to make it more clear... There are 5 Gorilla Zkittles and 10 Spirit Widows.

Both seeds have been dropped in water.

Got to love Barneys Farm, they always have fire genetics from what ive grown!

And the Spirit Widows looking nice with tiger striped and all ^^

Will you be doing any grafting?

Ive seen you in my grafting journal and indeed a wonderfull question. At this moment im in doubt what to do. In the near future there might be enough funds for a wide tent to hang the Marshydro sp250 in. If so that other "big" box will be for drying.... or grafting.... or mothers... so many options! Having a mommy stand by to just get cuts from might be the best option. once she is stable it might be interesting to graft..... So the awnser to your question is: Probably yes! xD

LOL good question copper!

I have to agree i miss all the weird little experiments i had. Right now there are two girls kinda curled up to stay small and maybe become a mother? i have no clue yet :p

Please do help me plan guys xD
If it's legal to grow where you are, can you maybe grow outside? The sun is the best grow light.

I wish it was. Here in The Netherlands there is some sort of tolerance. Up to 5 plants wont get you arrested, though the rental company put it in the contract that if you just have one plant... they kick you out and put you on a blacklist. So no chance of going outdoor im afraid. In the past ive grown big units outside...
Little update on the seed side..

The 5 Gorilla Zkittles seeds al dropped to the floor of the water cup this morning and they have been put into a wet paper towel (you know the process :p ). The Spirit Widows seems to need a few more hours as some have sunk and some did not. Could it be that they are more fresh then the other beans? Im not sure but it will all end up perfect hehe.

Have a lovely day <3
Once you get the tent and everything set up, we'll be happy to chime in on your plan. :cheesygrinsmiley:

Hehe i bet you do! For now all the beans sunk to the bottom so all are in paper towel. Today the Germinator or whatever its called should arrive so i an properly sprout them with some heat ^^

How is everyone doing today?
I’m allright- ish ty shedster :D

yo give everyone a little update...

the Gorilla Zkittles baby’s are sprouting in the Propagator and so are the Spirit Widows. Even got some clones from reg plants... I love it!
Here is some pics so you can see how it looks ^^

More updates comming soon :D
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