Natural Spirit's Hyperactive Journal Of 2020

High everyone and welcome to my brand new journal :slide: :circle-of-love: :slide:

This journal will showcase quite a lot at the same time or so is my plan. Thanks to my previous journal that did run a year longer then expected, i can now narrow down what it is i'd like to try. My growing activity's are only for personal medical use, though i like to breed genetics A LOT lol.

So the setup now and what it should be coming months.

  • Current setup:

Two boxes, a small veg box and a somewhat larger flower box, home build.

Veg box

– 50 x 50 x 80 CM ( 19.6 x 19,6 x 31,5 Inch) MDF 15MM

  • Ventilator out 50 HZ 14 Watt 105 M3/H inline fan 100mm
  • ventilator (clip-on) Bestron ACF15 50/60HZ 15Watt
  • Light fixture Teddy Panel (GROwant Hipar G400) 400Watt
  • Airpump Superfish Air flow 1, 2Liter/min (2Watt, 50 HZ)
  • DWC setup 5 Liter(1.3 Gallon) bucket

Flower Box

– 65 x 65 x 180 CM ( 25,6 x 25,6 x 70,9 INCH) MDF 15MM

  • Ventilator out 2X 50 HZ 14 Watt 105 M3/H inline fan 100mm
  • Ventilator A better one then the veg box :laughtwo: (information comes later)
  • Light: Teddy Panel moved along as the mars had 13 leds that passed away.
  • Airpump EHEIM 3704010 400Liter P/H 2 outlets so max 200 Liter per outlet
  • DWC Setup 5 Liter buckets.... for now LOL

Future Setup:

So the new box will be build, when is still the question as i know how, but my body doesn't anymore. Friends will help me out, but first they need to completely cleared the leak above the room. Then i can start building the following:

One bigger and better box with everything fitted perfectly

  • 100CM deep, 200CM wide and 220cm high (39.37 x 78.7 x 86.6 INCH) and in there will be the veg room, flower room, germ room and dry space. All made of multiplex and probably a coating to completely seal it.
  • Ventilation Orcon Home ventilator Compact 10P ( made to ventilate entire homes with a new carbon filter. all 125MM
  • Mars SP 250 in the flower box and the Teddy Panel in the veg box Maybe a TL for germination? Not sure i rather go LED.

Projects i like to Start or improve:

  • Grafting: My grafting project came to a end when the White Willow give up on us. But with more space i might use the old box for grafting a mother. First a canna mother and then more experimental of course hehe
  • Cloning: Well the cloning went real good last time so i might keep doing that to hunt some special phenotype
  • Indica Hunt: So far the Chocolate Mint OG still is my favorite Indica but i really want to put it to the test in this new year and find some real nice sleeping medication.
  • Tincture: Yeah who can do without tinctures right? I need to improve on this part or so it feels to me.
  • Soap: This is my regular thing as my body cant stand all the chemical soaps so it's a matter of taking pictures of anything i was already doing anyway lol.
  • A lot of Infusions: Soap and tinctures are nice, though my baking skills can use some refreshing and exploring, more vegan infusions maybe?
  • Breeding: This is a big one for me! My own beans were created and cross number 5 will make her entrance soon here :cheer: Crossing and breeding is something that makes my heart beat a little faster :p

Ok so far thats what i came up with. From here on most of it is all just me jumping into anything i find interesting like my previous journal. Please join in anytime, comment,share and don't forget to say high:Namaste:

Due to a lot of medical conditions i wont always be able to visit every journal i'd like, but without you peeps i would be nowhere in my garden so if you miss me, please let me know :meditate:

And last. As a Dutch guy you may find typo's.... just let me know as i like to become fluent ^^

Have a medicated day everyone and thank you for stopping by
LOL! I meant the fan in your flower box with the pollen in it :).

woah ok I’m pretty medicated :rofl: It totally suprised me to as I took it out.... Uh longer ago then my brain made me believe?:battingeyelashes:

there is way to much on there for sure, time to clean will be there tomorrow:idea:
:cheer:Line-Up news :cheer:

so as the Chocolate Mint OG is finishing Up, and my personal crossed Euphoric Wonder Widow’s just hit flower... it is time to germinate some new beans :D

So after some research the following genetics were selected:

2x Northern Lights X Gorilla Glue 4

2x Orange Sherbert

2x Pink Kush

as you can see this round will be Indica dominant. For now they were put in a glass of water. The paper towel method works fine so were rolli with that one this time.
using this method provides me some time to clean out the veg box real good and think about what I want to do with them training wise.

A picture will be shown later as they are just in the glass of water now.

Have a great evening everyone:Namaste:
Highya NS,

I've seen you around the yards before. Glad to make your aquaintance. I don't know muchabout DWC and have no plans to do so, but you seem like a likeable fellow, so I'll sit in a corner and not make much noise. Shed will do that for both of us, lol. Cheers
Highya NS,

I've seen you around the yards before. Glad to make your aquaintance. I don't know muchabout DWC and have no plans to do so, but you seem like a likeable fellow, so I'll sit in a corner and not make much noise. Shed will do that for both of us, lol. Cheers

heya Bode, welcome :hug: How can I not be humble by the compliment:meditate:please do make as many noise as you like, the more messages the better. As I live in The Netherlands the response isn’t always as fast due to a hour or 7-8 apart, though my insomnia kinda makes me american-canadian time wise:rofl:

The DWC is relative new to me tbh. Soil and coco worked for me, but there are to many bugs around over here. DWC is a totally new game, though it brings a lot of new learning with it so I’ll stick to learning for now.

Thanks for stopping by and may you find yourself over here alot:high-five:
So today my creative DIY came out again. The new seeds had to go in small pots and i gathered 5 total for 6 seeds. That ofcourse didn’t work as the 5th was a little smaller to. As I got to my brain rattling my eyes flew around the room and came to my new liquid nutricients I got from my diëtist. These bottles are plastic and that is the last thing we need to promote right now.

what makes it better to me is to re-use the bottles so they have several purposes before disposal. The lids were made with the soldering pen. That thing is hot so it melts in stead of cuts and created sharp edges.

Cutting the bottles and turning them upside down give the option to check if the roots are at the bottom, kinda usefull imo^^

so all 6 beans dropped to the bottom after a gentle tap so they were ready for planting. Wait no wet paper method and so? No.... searching a 6th pot a small batch of special seedling soil was discovered(I swear I used it all lol!) and that specific soil made me just toss in beans and they -Almost always sprouted(like 95%). Now they even have been in water for 12 hours so that should be all good!

ok so I’ll stop typing and start adding pics of the line-up:bravo:

Let the spirit sleep foundation will he started right after harvest of these lovely girls hahaha
Goog morning everyone,

A old problem showed itself again last night... the black mold is back in the shed. The spots are tiny, but that is enough to move the girls (again) and call the rental company. They should fix it good now though i wonder if they will.

This entire problem has been a big pain in the behind! Because of workers arriving and so... the new box have to be prosponed again and i feel bad about it:( Hopefully they can repair the leak in a way so it stays gone now but this house isnt as decent as initially thought.

Lets hope this will all be a old memory rather quickly.
They should have fixed it right the first time...fools!

yeah absolutely. But I can’t keep fighting these people as I need Every energy to get true the day. To bad they seem to know that or So. It’s the 3th leak that is leaking for the second time.

it also means moving the boxes, calling them that the mold is back and then wishing they won’t discover anything so stress is up ahead
To switch my mind from beeing a little bummed about the mold... I just went to the sproutlings... and there i discovered the Pink Kush from @Barney's Farm showing something interesting...

is it a twin? Maybe a cool mutation? Or is it the root growing over the top? That would look different I think... but it’s tapping in the dark for me tbh. What do you think?

Then I had the dwc buckets cleaned.. the Chocolate Mint OG doesn’t have that much roots due to me pushing her into flower early, but she is a lovely pheno! Frosty and colourfull I found out..

This all made me exited and to top it off... the Euphoric Wonder Widows are bouncing back. @InTheShed already mentioned it, but they were a little short in nuted, specially nitrogen.

with the fresh buckets I added some extra again to correct the def. Let’s hope that will be all ^^ And if not I got all of you to help me out :yahoo:

It's looking much greener. :welldone:

Nice frost on the CMOG, and :cheer: on the new babies, freaks and not!

Thnx shed, somehow I needed you to spot it before it got to me haha. The Pink Kush happens to be a twin... yesterday I pushed that tiny taproot back under ground and today she shows a tiny twin lol! I like it..

Im here and overwhelmed already lol.

oh yeah mister UA is in tha house :cheer: Welcome!! Happy to have you and what is the overwhelming part so far?:battingeyelashes: it feels like I’m not even halfway true the start of this journal hahaha.

please add, ask and Mingle in:hug:
Gooooood morning everyone!

good news, the second NL x GG4 has popped above ground :yahoo: There is one pink kush left, but seeing Those twins in the pot... could it be I screwed up and put 2 beans in 1 pot? I doubt that as I am real carefull planting them and so... but we will see. Maybe she just likes the extra day of darkness hehe. Were at 5/6 that sprouted so far :D

Pictures will be added later as I will transplant some to DWC today probably.

How are you all doing?
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