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  1. IMG_20210305_144550.jpg


    My poor auto barney farm critical kush.
  2. B

    Barneys Farm Purple Punch Auto

    Growing 2 purple punch autos with ffof and ffhf mix . BREEDER:barneys farm SETUP: using a mars hydro tent with the infinity t6 with a hlg 350r DAY:64 NUTES: so far have used open sesame from foxfarm alot.. They have been in flower for like 2 or 3 weeks but they have hardly any crystals and...
  3. r0am1ng st0ner

    2021 Barneys Runtz Muffin In A RDWC 4x4 Scrog & Mars LED

    Well it is time, This morning I popped 2 Runtz Muffin. These are a brand new (when I bought them 3-4 months ago) strain by Barney's Farm, they are Zkittlez x Gelato #33 x Orange Punch with expectations to have massive amounts of thc up to their number of 29% possible. They should be in prepared...
  4. 66FF595B-9CF6-4C96-9522-74C676490353.gif


    Wedding Cake Day 2020
  5. WC DEC POTM1.jpg

    WC DEC POTM1.jpg

    BF Wedding Cake right before harvest
  6. L

    New grower: Light green patches on fan leaves: Please help!

    Hey guys, this is my first grow attempt. She's Barney's Farm Blue Cheese Autoflower, germinated about 2 weeks ago and shes been in soil for 10 days. Using 125w CFL. 20/4. Rh - 50%. Temp 27°C average. Started off well but when i tested the water PH it seemed a bit high so i used pH- for the...
  7. Barney's Sponsored Seeds.PNG

    Barney's Sponsored Seeds.PNG

    This is the promo pack that Barney's Farm sent me. I'll be preparing a journal on these fine genetics. Thanks to BF, they rock \m/
  8. IMG_20200624_204927.jpg


    The entire bottom is layered best root zone to date holy shat
  9. Autofacade

    Strawberry Lemonade BF: Organic Outside Inside

    Hi everyone, Thanks for stopping by. So I've decided that I want to make the most of the UK weather this year which seems to be full of sun for once. My tent is currently full with my purple punch but why waste the opertunity to use the sun and outdoors as a brilliant veg tent. The plan is as...
  10. IMG_20200601_081418.jpg


    Laughing buddah transplanted two day ago
  11. IMG_20200517_102629.jpg


    Laughing Buddah Barneys farm might hit it with down great white again slow root growth compared to my starting in coco. Which I am dropping a meep meep by CSI Humboldt for neighbor.
  12. IMG_20200502_050743.jpg


    Here is the root Joe . Told you I'd get her going brotha .
  13. IMG_20200502_050749.jpg


    He says they are duds I say where is the patience. @Ljoe94 lmao
  14. Autofacade

    Barneys Farm, Purple Punch, Organic Living Soil

    Hi guys, gals. Welcome! This is my second grow journal indoors my set up is as follows: Strain: Purple Punch - By barneys farm. 90% indica with a 50-60 day flowering. Set up: 1.2x2.4 bud box pro tent 6" Rhino pro filter with RVK L1 extraction fan. On a temp sensor. 5" Ram twin speed intake...
  15. IMG_20200402_072244.jpg


    Pink kush by Barneys farm . It's a hit everyone is loving this buzz. Thank you seedsman for carrying this stuff and thank you Barneys farm and 420 Mag family for all Yoru help and support .
  16. IMG_20200309_195421.jpg


    Pink ksuh trial run 24 hr dark hung two days temps 55% Rh and 68-71f then fridge for 7 and in zip lock baggie 14 grams for me bene sitting therr in bag few days busty up tonight wow. thank you Barneys farm
  17. IMG_20200301_173817.jpg


    Pink kush top cola shots ..260 wet final whieght.
  18. IMG_20200301_174215.jpg


    Nice heavy cola of pink kush
  19. IMG_20200301_112729.jpg


    Pink kush by Barneys farm starting to chop and put in fridge . So excited to taste this baby got 92 wet in fridge to be continued have to paint .lol
  20. IMG_20200228_210323.jpg


    Barneys farm pink kush hanging day 1
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