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Rooftop Grow - Sativa and Hybrids on sunlight


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Hello Guys! :Namaste:

This is my first attempt in trying to grow some good buds. I live in Kathmandu, Nepal and cannabis grows here wildly everywhere. Cannabis is illegal here in Nepal but Police do not really care. It's really hard to find nice seedless buds here in Nepal so I thought why don't I give it a try to grow few myself. I started with 11 pots, 10 of them are about 3 gallons and one is abt 4.5 gallons. 6 of plants are Sativa dominant and rest are hybrids (maybe 60%Sativa/40%Indica). I got the seeds from best buds from various places in Nepal. 6 of them are about 5.5 weeks old and 5 of them are 3.5 weeks old from germination. I will wait till summer solstice to identify the males.

I'm using some cow shits mixed with few other organic decays as a fertilizer for my plants during the veggie state. I need to put 2 liters of water on each plant every 2 days as the Sun is pretty intense here during summer. BTW these are some cannabis plants growing like weeds 3 blocks away from my house: ;)

I'll be posting some updates after a week or two.


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wow this is really interesting, its so rare i see a pure sativa like that. everything we are used to seeing on these forms and in the west are these new school designer strains. these plants are very close to the source, pure old school cannabis sativa from the Himalayas. new school sativa dominant hybrids look nothing like this, these are so spindly and tall!

thank you very much for sharing.

i would love to see the plant when it finished and the finished product! did you take pictures??

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