Squintygirl's Lowryder First Try 11-08


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3 plants total
2 weeks old as of 11-12-08
Outdoor grow in soil- Miracle Gro Potting Mix
5 gallon container (will be transplanting to single containers later)
Central Florida- warm days, cool nights, moderate humidity
Dynagro 1-2x/week



New grower- first time trying lowryder! Only second grow total. Any help, recommendations are greatly appreciated!
Will update regularly.
You will need to seperate into individual containers. also with temps getting cool at nite, would you be able to put inside? it will stunt the growth, and they won't want to grow very well, you will have poor yield and will take alot longer.
IMO, this really isn't the optimal time to start a grow outside because there's less than 12 hours of sunlight a day. They will go straight into flowering. Good to see you do plan on separating them. ;-) MG soil isn't the best because of time released nutes. This makes your plants prone to nute burn if you add any supplemental nutes. ;-)
From what I've read, this strain doesn't have a vegetative growth cycle (supposed to be about an 8 week grow??) and goes straight from seed-flower! Yeah, I'll start bringing them inside at night. What kind of soil would you recommend? I have a small six-plant hydro kit but its still intimidating me a bit.

Would giving them additional light when I bring them in for the night be the best thing to compensate for the short days right now?
Lol! Unfortunately I have no personal experience with growing lowrider. ;-) I think you should decide whether you want to grow outside or inside. From what I just read it is better to start a lowrider plant out with a 18/6 light schedule at first and then the following month go to 16/8. Starting out with 12/12 may greatly affect your yeild and may shorten the life cycle of the plant overall.
Fox Farms Ocean Forest, Sunshine Mix #4, or Pro-Mix. You should be able to get them at your local hydro shop. I use FFOF with some added dolomite lime and love it.

Yes Lowryder auto-flowers but I believe it will do better as a plant if it were under more than 12 hours of light,

Good luck, looking forward to this grow.
I'd say water them with plain water until they have a couple of sets of true leaves then increase if you think you need to but not much, especially if your soil has fertilizer in it. You certainly DON'T need fancy ferts. Get used to the growing thing, then figure out how you want to do it.

You don't need to put them in separate pots, but you could. If you are going to move them in and outside then one pot may be easier.

It would be best to bring them in at night. Put them under a 20 Watt daylight CFL, it will do great for them as they grow. They don't do so great outside, though.

If you like the whole Lowryder/autoflowering plant thing, and you like it after this grow, there are some other, better (imo) strains from the joint doctor, like Lowryder 2 and Dieselryder. Lowryder 2 really is a big improvement over the original.
You may want to transplant them into smaller pots for now since that soil looks pretty wet and those little things will never use up all that moisture. You are flirting with root rot if you stay in that big pot and soak the soil that much. My 2 cents...
I got some 11 week old lowrider that just now started to flower. I have 3 going under a little 250 watt hps and the peeps that sold me the seeds say I am using to small a light? thats the reason they took to long to flower. What do I need a 1000 watter to make them autoflower? These are from Amsterdamn Seeds they also told me that Low2 is just a sales thing. But then they also told me these seeds would be auto flowering. 9weeks out the door. Week 11? I even had to force flower mine. Good luck with your grow tho, Stay Down Wood
Update*** Friday 11-21-08

Power is about to be shut off again- had some eletrical problems and now they are completley rewiring the house. Will update Sunday or Monday but will only be online sporadically until next Friday! :( Bummer for me, bummer for my plants that are tired of being moved!

Indoor, self-contained grow cabinet- OH, how we long for you!
you got ripped, and those people obviously know they sold u crap. mine started flowering after 3 weeks. goldenseed.com has em for a pretty good deal and there very eliable and super fast at shippng.
i guess too you get riped by the shop wher you buy that seeds!
i do now 5 lowryder2 and the ydoin werry well!
i use some ferts for them(bio-bizz whit 11week instructions)
they should show pre-flowers after the firts 3 set of leavs!
you should go too your shop and tell then too F@&@& !!!!!
i hope this little grow will end up to a nice growing buds:p
good luck!!
( i use 400HPS and its weeerrrrry enught!!!-i have under 5plant):peace::grinjoint::roorrip:
Oh I know what happened, it was just funny to see if they wanted to make it rite. The product was ripper. Now they say next order they throw in a freebie. Still what I did get was hella good herbs. And I scored 3 out of 3 females. And they are burning as I type. Good Luck Squinty. And Stay Down Any Woods out there. Wood
Bummer for me, bummer for my plants that are tired of being moved!

They'll be stronger for it, Trust me. :cheesygrinsmiley:
Plenty time for them to grow out.

Mine this year, came back voluntarily in Oct.
They are a lovely carpet in the herb garden
and the tallest is a lovely 3 inch tree with branches.
It's a little sad looking,
from the last 22degree freeze and 20+ knots of north wind.
But nothing a topping won't fix.
and her sisters started the same way last year and grew to 5+ footers.

you need more soil in your pots,
that's one of the reasons they are stretching.
Those horizontal rings on the inside, those are your soil line markers :cheesygrinsmiley:
The plants are too low in the pot.
VEry nice,. I just harvested my lr2 bout 2 weeks ago. I got about 2 ounces off of each one. I had 3. Check out my journal, its finished, but i think its still in unfinished journals section. Not sure. Im 10 days into flowering my new grow, bc hash plant, afghan kush special(world of seeds), super crystal, and jack frost. I was going to throw in some g13xh.p. clones, but i decided on waiting till next time to make sure there was enough room. Let me know if you have any questions.
How did this grow turn out?
We would love to be updated with some pictures and info! :blushsmile:

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